Fast, Cost-Effective FulfillmentPowered by highly reliable automation

What if you could have inventory levels updated automatically across all of your marketplaces and web stores — with each sale, and without any extra effort? How much better would your business perform, simply by having orders sent to the most cost-effective fulfillment provider?

With reliable fulfillment automation features, you can do all of this and much more. ChannelAdvisor makes it easier than ever to route orders, track shipments and manage inventory.

Intelligent Order Routing

Perfectly split, route and send orders to any distributor — and have the most cost-efficient fulfillment partner automatically selected based on the factors that matter most to you, whether it’s shipping speeds, shipping fees, product costs, SKUs, warehouse locations or customer destinations.

Whether you drop ship or use third-party logistics (3PL), ChannelAdvisor will ensure purchase orders are correctly formatted for every supplier and efficiently routed through email, FTP, XML or EDI.

Shipment Tracking

Automated shipment tracking eliminates headaches for you and hassles for your customers who want full visibility. With ChannelAdvisor automated fulfillment, it’s easy to keep consumers up-to-date on where, when and how their packages will arrive.

Orders are automatically marked as “shipped” as soon as fulfillment is completed by your drop ship distributor or 3PL provider. You can then have those tracking numbers published and relay the information back to your customers, accurately and automatically.

Inventory Management

Our automated inventory management ensures constant, updated inventory levels across all storefronts and marketplaces: Sell product on one channel, and inventory will be updated across all other storefronts and marketplaces. It’s an effortlessly way to map hundreds of thousands of products to consolidate inventory count and prevent stock-outs.