The New Era of Digital Marketing: Must-Know Retail Media and Social Commerce Trends

There’s more competition for consumer attention than ever before. As a brand you want to be driving visibility, capturing consumer attention and improving your ad spend effectiveness. This is a complicated task at the best of times, but with 73% of consumers using multiple channels during their shopping journey, making sure you’re prominent on the channels that matter is a challenge.*

In this seminar, we’ll look at the trends driving digital marketing today; the emergence of retail media and the growth of social media. For brands, these channels help you get closer to the consumer than ever before, helping you capture a larger share of the digital shelf. You’ll learn how to adapt your digital marketing strategies to the ever-evolving environment so you don’t get left behind!

Join this seminar to learn how to amplify your digital marketing strategies to:

  • Discover new opportunities for capturing attention on social channels
  • Develop a strategy to capitalise on the growing popularity of retail media
  • Plan innovative campaigns for 2022
  • And more!