The revolutionary concept of the Veepee Brandsplace was created in 2018 in France and then exported to the other websites of the group: first to Spain and Italy in 2022, and to Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany in 2023. In line with Veepee’s essence, the Brandsplace is a discount marketplace for outlet collections. Connected brands have total control over their catalog and they’re the only ones selling their products.

Veepee is a powerful data-driven platform with a strong European presence, and a qualitative audience of 51.3 million members as of 2022. Thanks to our in-house creative agency, we offer tailored projects while respecting the brand’s equity. Our singular business model, with 70% of direct traffic, provides a service for each product’s lifecycle.
Sellers need to be previously validated by our sales team in order to start the technical onboarding process. Brands can be directly pitched by our Business Development team to fulfill our sales strategy, but sellers can also send spontaneous applications so they can evaluate their potential. Please note that the Veepee Brandsplace favors brands over distributors, and that we look for well-known brands that can offer strong discounts and a deep catalog.

Veepee and Channel Advisor started their collaboration in 2020 and since then we’ve worked together to connect more than a dozen strategic sellers all over Europe. ChannelAdvisor is already at the Veepee Brandsplace’s integrators top 4 in terms of turnover share, and our partnership will be pushed even further thanks to the expansion of the marketplace model to the Northern Veepee websites scheduled for 2023.