Sell smarter across channels with multichannel e-commerce

An astounding 83% of global shoppers now visit two or more sites before making a purchase. Are you meeting them in every channel they shop?

Multichannel selling allows you to reach buyers through a whole network instead of just one channel, boosting your visibility and revenue. But it also comes with channel-specific challenges that are difficult to manage on a case by case basis.

ChannelAdvisor, a CommerceHub company, provides a centralized e-commerce platform to help you manage all your sales channels in one place. Let us show you how easy it is by requesting a demo today!

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Reap the benefits of multichannel exposure

Multichannel e-commerce provides a number of benefits, including an optimized customer journey, increased business resilience and streamlined internal operations. For every channel you want to add, ChannelAdvisor helps you execute a strategy for:

  • Channel connection. Build connections for efficient inventory management, product information and ongoing monitoring after launch.
  • Marketing. Launch campaigns that ensure increased product visibility, revenue and return on ad spend.
  • Sales operations. Create compelling product listings and adjust prices to remain competitive, visible and profitable. Then, effectively manage inventory to replenish products and avoid out-of-stocks.
  • Fulfillment. Meet consumer expectations for timely communication and product delivery while following the requirements of each channel.
  • Optimization. Collect data to gauge KPIs and increase channel performance through intelligent monitoring,

Why ChannelAdvisor?

Long-Standing Expertise
With a team of e-commerce experts and 20+ years of industry experience, we help you make informed decisions about your business

Proven Technology
The ChannelAdvisor platform streamlines and automates campaign creation, management, tracking and reporting – so you don’t have to.

Diverse Partnerships
Our longstanding partners work directly with our experts to enable best-in-class strategies and provide early access to new programs and services.

Holistic Approach
We leverage product and sales data across your selling and advertising campaigns to help maximize ROI and improve sales performance.

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