Connect with Google Shoppers Through Shopping ActionsExpand your footprint across new channels and devices

Google Shopping Actions Overview

What happens when you blend the power and reach of the Google search engine with the seamless shopping
experience and universal cart of a marketplace? You get Google Shopping Actions.

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What is Google Shopping Actions?

The new program from Google allows retailers and brands to surface their inventory via Search, Google Express and the
Google Assistant. It’s designed to capture and retain shoppers by letting them shop for products whenever and however they
want — on mobile, desktop or Google Home.

As a multichannel seller, Shopping Actions gives you an essential channel to grow your sales strategy through a natural
extension of the expanding Google universe. For shoppers, Google Express serves as the transactional layer that allows
them to add items from multiple retailers in a single cart, reorder their favorite items and more.

Why should you leverage Shopping Actions?

Quite simply, Shopping Actions represents the future of Google-based shopping. Consumer behavior continues to evolve
with increased mobile interactions (50% of Google Express purchases are made on mobile devices, according to Google)
yet higher expectations for a seamless shopping experience.

Shopping Actions will allow you to own your consumer experience through a branded Google Express store and
give you valuable customer data via additional opt-in retailer marketing.

Shopping Actions allows you to use the same feed you already use for your Google Shopping PLAs, but the model is
commission-based, rather than pay per click. Serve new ads to consumers on Search, Google Express and Google Assistant —
right alongside your existing Google Shopping campaigns.


Retailers see an increase in total conversions at a lower cost, compared to running Shopping ads alone.


Mobile searches for “where to buy” have grown 85% in the past two years, according to Google.


Retailers participating in Shopping Actions have seen a 30% average increase in basket size.

Why Partner With ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor’s partnership and full integration with Google gives you the full power of the ChannelAdvisor
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Inventory Management
ChannelAdvisor offers end-to-end support for Shopping Actions, including feed optimization and inventory and order management.

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