Competitive Environment Dashboard for Amazon

Get Deeper Data to Drive More Sales on Amazon

With ChannelAdvisor’s Competitive Environment Dashboard for Amazon, you’ll always be the smartest seller in your space. This unique feature is available exclusively to brands and retailers using our comprehensive e-commerce platform, and provides far deeper data than what you can get from Amazon alone.

Successful sellers regularly refer to our at-a-glance dashboards for detailed, product-level performance reports to uncover important trends and competitive insights. Use it to understand who your competitors are and where you could be losing market share, and to make informed decisions about your Amazon business.

How It Works

The days of simply listing on Amazon are long gone. There are now buy box wins to analyze, minimized advertised prices to monitor and, in the case of a proprietary ASIN, counterfeit items to detect.

The Competitive Environment Dashboard for Amazon makes it easy to see where things stand at a glance. Use it to get a snapshot of the current competitive landscape at any time. Or, drill down to specific product-level details to decide what your next move should be. The dashboard includes multiple widgets — ranging from Buy Box factors to top competitors to times when Amazon is a seller on your ASIN — to help you stay focused on what matters most.

  • Identify opportunities for improving buy box performance
  • Track your average number of competitors per ASIN
  • Stay updated on top sellers offering your products
  • Keep tabs on which products Amazon is selling directly
  • Discover the 100 best Amazon sellers in any category at any time
  • Know when it’s time to act on MAP and proprietary ASIN violations
  • And more!

Ready to Get Started?

Keep a close eye on the competition and gain more market share with our Competitive Environment Dashboard for Amazon, exclusively for ChannelAdvisor users. Request a demo to learn more.