Competitive Environment Dashboard for AmazonGain Data-Driven Insights to Stay Competitive

Amazon: Competitive Landscape and Growing

Amazon is capturing most US retail growth, and it’s become a first-stop shopping destination for many consumers. Because of its success, competition on Amazon is increasing more than 200% year over year. And this aggressive growth isn’t slowing down.

Amazon’s competitive landscape is constantly changing and increasingly making it necessary to be proactive by having a greater understanding of where you stand with your competition. The days of just listing on Amazon and winning are over. You need to be
smarter about how you manage your Amazon business.

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ChannelAdvisor Solution: Make Informed Decisions

Our Competitive Environment Dashboard for Amazon is an easy way to understand the competitive landscape. It provides the information you need to understand what you are up against and allows you to be proactive and aggressive about staying ahead. When you know who you are competing against and where you are losing market share, you can make more informed decisions about your Amazon business moving forward.

ChannelAdvisor’s Competitive Environment Dashboard for Amazon for sellers includes seven widgets that will help you focus on what matters:

  • Amazon Product Performance
  • Amazon Buy Box Factors
  • Best 100 Sellers
  • Competition Monitoring Reports
  • Amazon is a Seller on an ASIN
  • Average Competitor Count
  • Top Competitors on Amazon

Optimize Your Business with Intelligent Data Insights

Our goal is to give you the insights and data so you can make decisions that will drive your strategy and stay competitive — all while keeping your e-commerce activities optimized and running efficiently.

Using Competitive Environment Dashboard can help you on Amazon:

  • Gain competitive insights
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Evaluate the competitive landscape

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