Charles Bentley通过与畅路销(ChannelAdvisor)合作,在线销售额增长了20倍


It would be an understatement to just say that something has changed in Charles Bentley’s history. In fact, the history of its family business can be traced back to 1860. In the following 150 years, many things happened: the product line continued to expand, the production facilities continued to improve, and the company’s iconic wooden broom began to share shelf space with industrial cleaning supplies and garden sheds.

However, even after these increases, the biggest changes have occurred in the past few decades. The explosive growth of online sales led this once-small company to acquire more than 300,000 square feet of manufacturing and storage facilities, as well as factories in Sri Lanka and China. Today, Charles Bentley reports that during the peak season, the expanding e-commerce department processes more than 15,000 orders per week.

Andrew Steel, director of e-commerce, said: “As a company, we have undergone tremendous changes.”

Charles Bentley has officially become a global brand. It also encountered some troubles in its development. But just as the company has reached countless other milestones in its long history, the team is determined to succeed in the field of e-commerce.


多年以来,Charles Bentley的电子商务团队一直在两个领域苦苦挣扎,这两个领域往往困扰着在线卖家:保持库存更新,并在激烈的竞争中保持领先地位。

“随着在线业务的增长和世界的进一步全球化,我们的竞争水平将大大提高,” Steel解释说。 他的部门已经对此做出了回应,将把采购优质产品,保持价格竞争力和提供卓越的客户服务放在首位。

不过,这意味着还有很多需要管理的地方——尤其是有大量直接面向消费者出售的库存的情况下。 由于Charles Bentley依靠代发货来提供2,000多种在市场上次日送达的产品,因此库存水平不断变化。




“I still clearly remember that after sales on eBay reached £500,000, I wanted to start selling on Amazon in 2009,” Steel said. “I know we can’t enter all the product lists again, and we have a very useless enterprise resource planning (ERP) system when managing product data.”

After learning about other e-commerce solution providers, Steel believes that ChannelAdvisor is “the perfect partner to help us with long-term inventory and feed management.”

Charles Bentley said that this partnership helped the company easily develop eBay and Amazon businesses – and expand to other channels. Cdiscount, ManoMano and Fruugo are now all part of the company’s expanding market portfolio.

Steel said: “Fruugo helps us sell products to non-market countries in the EU.” “This is a six-figure market that is worth six figures to us, and it has achieved significant growth in the past two years.”

The company believes that ChannelAdvisor has made equally exciting breakthroughs in other e-commerce channels, and there are some surprises.

“I don’t know anything about the [ManoMano] platform, and I don’t know how other emerging markets will compete with eBay and Amazon,” Steel pointed out. “But the niche market has made considerable progress, and ChannelAdvisor has always introduced us to new opportunities.”

With powerful functions to support market expansion-data feed, business rules, inventory management, etc., ChannelAdvisor’s market solutions and services have become the core pillar of Charles Bentley’s success, enabling Charles Bentley to grow Sell ​​products to a global audience.


The Charles Bentley team said that over the years, they had to overcome some major inventory challenges and learned many lessons in the process. However, Steel believes that the ultimate shift to a powerful e-commerce platform is exactly what Charles Bentley needs to maintain strong growth in online sales.

Charles Bentley reported that the company’s annual online sales have surged to 10 million pounds, 20 times higher than the company’s performance a decade ago.

“ChannelAdvisor is an industry-leading tool for inventory management and feeding the market,” Steel said. “Over the years, the insights we have gained from the team have enabled us to keep abreast of the development trend of global e-commerce. Without ChannelAdvisor, life would be more complicated!”

“The niche market has made great strides, and ChannelAdvisor has always been good at introducing us to new opportunities.”

“Without ChannelAdvisor, life will be more complicated!”

“The niche market has made great strides, and ChannelAdvisor has always been good at introducing us to new opportunities.”

“Without ChannelAdvisor, life would be more complicated!”- ANDREW STEEL, E-Commerce Director , Charles Bentley

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