ChannelAdvisor Where to BuyImprove your customer experience while strengthening your retail relationships

ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy Overview

As a branded manufacturer, your brand website and marketing content is a consumer’s most trusted source of accurate product information.

But once interested consumers visit your site to research a product, do they encounter any of the following?

  • Lack of a shopping cart?
  • Limited selection?
  • Outdated links?
  • No retailer suggestions?
  • No easy way to complete their purchase?

If you don’t provide these consumers with a seamless shopping experience or a clear path to purchase, you’ll lose them. And more importantly, you’ll lose valuable customer data.

ChannelAdvisor’s Where to Buy solution (including Buy Online and Buy Local) makes your content and campaigns shoppable — even if you don’t sell direct to consumers on your website.

Prefer the PDF version? Download the Where to Buy Overview here.


  • Ease the path to purchase and increase conversions — from your website or digital campaigns
  • Keep consumers in your branded experience throughout the buying journey, regardless of device
  • Strengthen relationships with authorized retail partners by providing highly qualified leads
  • Support local retail promotions — focused at the product, category and retail store level


Where to Buy Online

  • Easily integrate ChannelAdvisor’s Where to Buy Online solution into your website or digital campaigns via a custom-built widget or API
  • Define your top online retailers and the order you prefer them to appear
  • Consumers see your preferred retail partners for a product as well as prices (optional) on your site or within your
    digital campaigns
  • Connect consumers seamlessly from your product-specific content or digital campaigns to the corresponding
    product pages on your preferred retailers’ websites
  • Alternatively, you can drive consumers directly to a shopping cart at supported retailers
  • Gain actionable insights, including impressions, clicks, and sales (for supported retailers) by product, category,
    and retailer

Where to Buy Local

  • Easily integrate ChannelAdvisor’s Where to Buy Local solution into your website or digital campaigns via a custom-built widget or API
  • Define your top offline retail partners
  • Consumers see your preferred offline retail partners that carry your products, including address, phone, directions
    and store hours
  • Display on-demand product stock status for supported retailers
  • Promote click-and-collect programs at select retailers
  • Leverage ChannelAdvisor’s partnerships with Nielsen and NPD to gather local store carriage data
  • Include product- or category-level local promotional messaging by retailer, city or individual store
  • Gain actionable insights, including impressions and clicks by product, category, retailer and retail store location


  • Assess product and retailer popularity via impressions and click data by product,
    category, retailer and geography
  • Understand sales performance and cart-level details at select retailers
  • Determine the percentage of your catalog carried by online retail partners
  • Identify patterns of offline product demand geographically, by retailer
  • Compare product pricing trends across retailers


ChannelAdvisor’s Where to Buy solution, including Buy Online and Buy Local, keeps interested consumers on their path to purchase — from your website or digital campaigns — by providing a seamless connection to your preferred retailers. Through a single, customized widget and backed by the power of the ChannelAdvisor platform, you’ll:

  • Create a better experience for your customers
  • Build stronger relationships with your retailers
  • Develop a powerful set of customer data for your business