ChannelAdvisor Shipping Management SuiteThe easy way to compete on shipping speed and cost

ChannelAdvisor Shipping Management Suite Overview

Isn’t it great to be selling in an e-commerce world where fast, low cost shipping is easy to provide? A system where every order is created equal, and where shipping connectivity is consistent across channels?

Just kidding. We know you’re contending with a scenario that’s far more complex.

  • For starters, there are the marketplaces. Each offers its own unique shipping program, and is constantly adding new and complex requirements.
  • Then, there are third-party systems. Relying on these can often lead to delays, additional costs, complexity and points of potential failure throughout the shipping process.
  • And don’t get us started on managing multiple platforms. Reporting on shipping margin is extremely difficult, to put it mildly, when data must be merged from numerous systems.

Prefer the PDF version? Download the Shipping Management Suite Overview here.

You Deserve a Better Way to Manage Multichannel Shipping

As consumer expectations surge, you need a way to compete in shipping options while remaining competitive on price. That means a more reliable way to:

  • Shop for the best rates on each order
  • Print shipping labels across carriers
  • Print barcoded pick lists and packing slips to move orders faster
  • Create automated shipping rules to select the right warehouse, packaging, and shipping label saving cost and
    reducing processing time
  • Easily meet shipping service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Seamless hardware integration provides faster processing by eliminating clicks during order processing and reducing the risk of manual errors
  • Access to ChannelAdvisor’s REST API provides instant access to shipping rates and labels, as well as integrating into current WMS for pick and pack into the ChannelAdvisor platform

And it all needs to happen instantaneously across a wide range of fulfillment options including USPS, UPS, FedEx, Pitney Bowes, and Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.

What if you could do all of this within the same centralized platform you use to list products, manage inventory and more?

With ChannelAdvisor, you can.


The same comprehensive marketplace platform that lets you manage multiple warehouse locations and sync inventory across channels can also be used to:

  • Receive instant shipping quotes
  • Quickly identify low-cost options
  • Route each order to the most cost-effective shipping carrier using the most cost-effective shipping method
  • Seamlessly integrate with multiple marketplaces and distribution partners

ChannelAdvisor’s Shipping Management Suite keeps you seamlessly connected to shipping services and partners. This makes it
remarkably easy to shop for discounted rates and route orders accordingly. No more constant logging in to carrier or postage portals. No more uploading spreadsheet after spreadsheet. No more delays due to lengthy processing or manual errors when moving data around.

Instead, you can replace these and other manual tasks with shipping automation rules that let you perfectly split, format and route orders based on the rules that matter most to you, whether it’s shipping fees, speeds, destinations, SKUs or product costs.

You can process batches, group pick and pack lists, batch print shipping labels and, most importantly, get deliveries to doorsteps faster and more cost effectively than ever.

How It Works

ChannelAdvisor customers can sign up for shipping accounts right from within the marketplaces dashboard. Once set up, you can use:

  • Custom picklists: Streamline the pick and pack processes through specialty features, such as scannable barcode groups
  • Custom packing slips: Create your own branded messaging for your customers in every box with support for images, HTML and scannable barcodes
  • Advanced shipping rules: Create rules to automatically determine the appropriate shipping service and delivery options to use based on any aspect of a shipment
  • Full API support: Get rates and purchase labels via ChannelAdvisor’s REST API, which provides integration to current WMS flow for pick and pack into the ChannelAdvisor platform
  • Reporting and analytics: Get a more complete view of customers’ journeys, right down to delivery
  • Batch processing: Select multiple orders to receive the same action, drastically decreasing the amount of time orders are spent waiting to be processed
  • Thermal printer, USB scale & barcode scanner support: Seamless hardware integration allows shippers to eliminate clicks during order processing, speeding up fulfillment times and reducing manual error

ChannelAdvisor Shipping Management Suite offers complete integration with:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Amazon Buy Shipping for Seller Fulfilled Prime

In Summary

ChannelAdvisor’s Shipping Management Suite provides deep integration into marketplaces, allowing you to automate
manual tasks and manage orders from within one centralized platform. You can pick, pack, ship and get orders out for delivery faster and more affordably than ever.