ChannelAdvisor SEO ServicesBoosting Your Presence n the Search Engine Results Page

ChannelAdvisor SEO Services Overview

As an online retailer, you probably know that search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. But you also probably know that SEO is much different for retailers than for other companies. You might, for example, have thousands and thousands of SKUs to manage, which means thousands of product listings and even more keywords to optimize.

To help you stay ahead of these challenges, our approach is completely retailer-focused. We specialize in SEO for retailers — which means dealing with those large SKU counts and massive keyword universes. But at the same time, we have experience in multiple platforms, including Amazon and Bigcommerce. As a result, you can rest assured that you’re getting expert recommendations and consultation from people who understand your specific goals, channels and challenges.

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Why SEO?

With SEO, you can:

  • Increase paid search ad rank by improving your Google Quality Score
  • Reinforce your brand name in a searcher’s mind by enabling you to appear multiple times on a results page, instilling confidence in the brand
  • Reach a larger body of long tail keywords and fill in where paid search drops off
  • Fully leverage universal search, including text, images, videos and more
  • Improve a site’s readability

Your SEO return on investment can be great, combining both organic search success with the paid search results you receive
with a higher Google Quality Score. But when you work with the ChannelAdvisor Managed Services team, the benefits begin
popping up all over the SERP with even greater frequency.

Why SEO with ChannelAdvisor?

With ChannelAdvisor, you can:

  • Increase your ad position by using a single, integrated team that manages both paid search and SEO
  • Improve your website’s stickiness and bounce rate with ChannelAdvisor analytics
  • Partner with a provider that’s completely focused on the e-commerce segment and has experience working with retailers with large SKU counts
  • Rest assured that you’re using only “white hat” SEO tactics
  • Create a well-rounded e-commerce portfolio by leveraging the same SEO elements across all digital marketing and marketplaces feeds
  • Buffer your business against changes in competition, regulations and the economy by combining competitive intelligence with SEO

When It Comes to SEO, Everything About Your Site Matters

ChannelAdvisor will help guide you through everything from purchasing a new domain name to monitoring and tracking your page results to creating robust, dynamic content that shows up in organic searches. By incorporating some basic SEO tactics, you can grow your potential shopper base exponentially. And of course, you’ll be laying the foundation for a successful paid search campaign.

Don’t Get Penalized

With periodic updates to the Google Panda and Penguin algorithms, a lot of retailers that rely on outdated SEO tactics are finding themselves hit with spam penalties. As a result, they’re experiencing reduced visibility and reach. ChannelAdvisor helps you navigate the changing SEO world, because we get SEO. We don’t use tricks. We use our holistic understanding of SEO to plan effective strategies and keep you up to date.

See Results

Digital marketing strategies are often complementary, and retailers shouldn’t have to seek out separate partners to help integrate them. With ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing, these strategies can now be found under one roof and overseen by a team of experts, ensuring a healthy return on your digital dollar.

Our SEO audits and other offerings can help improve your reach and visibility with customers by getting your products front and center on the internet’s prime piece of real estate: the SERP.

If you have questions or want to find out how ChannelAdvisor can help you with your online SEO strategy, contact us today.