ChannelAdvisor Self-Service PlusGain insights to growth opportunities, strategic guidance and account support

ChannelAdvisor Self-Service Plus Overview

You’re listing your products on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, but have hit roadblocks preventing you from growing and diversifying your business. You want to sell more products with greater efficiency, but you aren’t sure where to start. With ChannelAdvisor’s SelfService Plus, you have access to e-commerce experts who can maximize your sales, minimize your costs and give you the power to blast ahead of your competitors.

ChannelAdvisor’s Self-Service Plus offering provides you with strategic guidance, technical hands-on execution and one-on-one access to industry experts to help you succeed. Our offering is designed to help you harness the power of the ChannelAdvisor platform, refine your strategy or fine-tune your ChannelAdvisor account for maximum performance.

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What Can You Expect from ChannelAdvisor Self-Service Plus?

Industry Experience
We’ve assembled a team of experts who know the e-commerce landscape better than anyone else in the business. Although an in-house team may have a couple of employees, ChannelAdvisor Self-Service Plus gives you the benefit of several people behind the scenes, each of whom has years of knowledge in the e-commerce industry. If you encounter an issue, chances are we’ve seen it before and already developed a resolution.

We also work closely with all the major players in e-commerce, who regularly give us access to new programs and updates prior to public announcements. This advantage enables us to prepare our retailers, minimize any disruptions and determine how to best capitalize on these updates.

ChannelAdvisor Platform Experts
ChannelAdvisor’s software creates operational efficiencies, allowing our Services team to function more strategically on your company’s behalf when addressing technical issues. Whether it’s assisting with business rules and lookup lists, or giving advice on data requirements, our software and our people quickly identify opportunities and work to seize them.

Growth Opportunities
ChannelAdvisor’s Services team works seamlessly to recognize growth opportunities for your business and offer actionable solutions on optional monthly calls. What’s more, since it’s all managed through the same platform, ChannelAdvisor provides recommendations to quickly and easily add new channels or expand your product visibility on existing marketplaces.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of Self-Service Plus include:

  • Strategic guidance
  • Analysis of reporting
  • Technical support
  • Project assistance
  • Monthly calls

What Will Your Team Look Like?

When you sign up, you receive an email address supported by a designated team that will address your questions and provide
recommendations to continually refine and improve your results. Few, if any, retailers can afford to staff a team with this breadth of experience internally. Our Services team members also regularly build upon their knowledge with continuing education goals to keep up with the perpetual changes in the e-commerce industry so you don’t have to.

What Does It Cost?

Supporting your e-commerce business with our Self-Service Plus ess to experts who can help grow your existing business — not to mention the savings in internal staff hires — will ensure you’re getting the most out of every dollar.

In summary, Self-Service Plus is designed to provide you with access to industry experts who can provide strategic guidance and
technical support to help you break through the clutter and succeed in online retailing.

To find out more about Self-Service Plus and how we can help you grow your business, contact us now.