ChannelAdvisor Profitability ReportingGet quick access to product, order and marketplace profitability reports

ChannelAdvisor Profitability Reporting Overview

How often do you struggle to:

  • Determine which products are truly profitable… and which SKUs are losing money?
  • Identify where products sell well… and which marketplaces are proving to be a poor fit for your listings?
  • Decide when it’s the right time to increase investments… and when you need to pull back on spending?

Yes, there’s a lot to assess. But until you have a way to regularly evaluate product and marketplace performance, you’re likely to miss all kinds of signs that it’s time to make a change. And this can be a real problem. On the one hand, you need financial intel to understand when it’s time to pivot on lower-performing products or increase investments in high-performing marketplaces. On the other, scouring numerous channels to aggregate, structure and analyze the data can quickly eat up valuable hours.

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It’s time for a more reliable way to evaluate profit and loss.

Imagine how much more you could achieve if marketplace performance financial reports were ready and waiting for you. What if you could access your product profitability data in one place, where it’s continually updated?

Perhaps one week you’d see that it’s time to start selling low-performing SKUs direct to consumers. The next, it might become clear that fast-selling items on Amazon are ready for FBA. You’d know when to divert advertising dollars to boost slow sellers, and when popular products are primed to reach even more consumers with additional keywords. It would be remarkably easy to pivot on digital marketing, sales and fulfillment strategies long before it’s too late or you realize you’ve lost too much time and money.

Quick access to accurate financial reports is key to staying ahead of ever-changing product and marketplace dynamics. It’s the kind of competitive advantage that would allow you to:

  • Save money by quickly exposing potential losses based on current product and marketplace performance
  • Save time by eliminating the hassle of exporting data from multiple marketplaces into a third-party financial system for analysis
  • Make fast decisions that protect margins, control costs and focus investments on profitable sales opportunities

With ChannelAdvisor’s Profitability Reporting*, you can do all this and more.

How It Works

With ChannelAdvisor Profitability Reporting, available data — marketplace commissions, advertising fees, the price a buyer pays for shipping prices, what it costs you to fulfill and much more* — is automatically assembled into detailed reports and made ready for review. This feature gives sellers easy access to at-a-glance estimates on how products are performing, and which marketplaces are winning and losing dollars.

Rather than scouring individual channels, you can rely on ChannelAdvisor for an aggregate view of both product and marketplace profitability. There’s no more logging into multiple channels to extract, aggregate and analyze. All the heavy lifting is done automatically for you. And when a channel doesn’t provide commission fees, you can configure an estimated transaction fee associated with that marketplace and have it applied to each transaction.

With market changes occurring daily, it’s simply no longer an option to calculate profitability in a manner that’s time consuming or complicated. That’s why we’ve created a way for you to quickly identify both low- and high-performing products and marketplaces with review-ready financial analysis.

In Summary

When you need to make critical financial decisions based on product and marketplace profitability, count on ChannelAdvisor
for wholistic financial performance reports across each item and all marketplaces. With key metrics derived from marketing, selling and fulfillment transaction data across channels, sellers can get fast access to accurate profitability reports and make adjustments in record time.

*Product, Site and Order level profitability calculations use data and estimates that are provided by the end user or the site. ChannelAdvisor does not have visibility into all fees and costs that may apply to a business’s overall profitability. All inventory and financial decision responsibility remain with the account holder, and ChannelAdvisor is not liable for decisions based on this information.