ChannelAdvisor Product Intelligence: Content TrackerMonitor retailer content to set and track key performance indicators

Product Intelligence Content Tracker Overview

ChannelAdvisor’s Product Intelligence Content Tracker offering is focused on helping branded manufacturers by
providing data-driven insights to discover gaps in product availability, ensure that retailers have the most up-to-date
pricing and highlight areas for improved merchandising with updated product images, videos, reviews and marketing

At ChannelAdvisor we understand the importance and need to ensure brands are sending qualified consumers to
retailers that accurately represent the brand. In order to do so, it is best practice to set trackable key performance
indicators (KPIs) across a retailer network. Content Tracker provides actionable insights to set a benchmark for KPIs
and measure the content representation across the market at the country level per brand.

The insights Content Tracker provides allow brands to easily monitor retailers’ product content across any retail
channel, and see a snapshot of retail compliance based on five criteria: prices, videos, images, reviews and descriptions.

Content tracker

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How It Works

With these data points captured, brands can create a product scoring table to track various insights such as:

  • Price discrepancies that indicate inaccurate offers shown
  • Missing key visual product assets such as videos and images
  • Poor product reviews which indicates products are improperly marketed
  • Lack of product detail such as descriptions
  • Overall retailer performance enabling brand managers to focus on top/poor performers

Whether a brand has yet to set KPIs and requires research prior to setting them, or a brand has performance targets known and ready to measure content across the market, Product Intelligence Content Tracker has all the data necessary to develop a strategy and track retailers. With the information provided, brands can make data-driven decisions to ensure they are sending qualified consumers to retailers that accurately represent the brand.

In Summary

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