ChannelAdvisor Product Feed ManagementTransform your product data to meet the needs of any merchandising and marketing destination

ChannelAdvisor Product Feed Management Overview

When you market and sell across multiple e-commerce channels, data feeds are everything. Sure, you can choose all the right destinations. But until your product content is optimized for each individual platform, you’ll still miss out on visibility and sales. From comparison shopping engines to advertising platforms, each venue expects your product data feed to meet its specific format — no exceptions.

The E-Commerce Industry Sure Has Changed
And not just a little. The entire landscape has undergone a massive transformation in a very short span of time. The days when it was enough to simply list and advertise on multiple channels are long gone. If you want your products to stand out on Google, Facebook, Amazon and others, you’re going to need high quality product data feeds.

Today’s most successful sellers maintain a well-oiled machine of feed syndication and data harmonization — with strong pipes and paths that always send the correct data to each and every destination.

But managing those data connections is both cumbersome to maintain and dangerously prone to error. Overlook a new requirement
from just one ad network or retail destination, and you could miss out on a huge chunk of sales and revenue. All because you’re missing one measly line of code. It’s enough to make your already maxed-out IT department run for the hills.

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ChannelAdvisor Product Feed Management allows you to stay ahead of rapidly-changing content specifications across a wide array of
e-commerce channels. We collect your product data once, then optimize it for every retail destination and ad network.
As the #1 marketplace management provider to the Internet Retailer Top 1000, we’re here to help you reach more destinations, faster — and to make sure your product feed fields are always destination-compliant. Our longstanding partnerships with Amazon, Google, Facebook and many others ensure your feed syndications are always on and always working.

  • Reach more destinations, faster
  • Meet the requirements of every channel
  • Get the most out of every promotion and product listing
  • Keep each feed error-free
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Improve ROAS

No in-house expertise or IT needed!


To succeed in this environment, you need to ensure your product data gets to each destination fast and error-free. All the time. Every time. You need flexibility, you need scalability, and you need experts to help you along the way. The ideal product feed management setup will:

  • Transform a single stream of data into a different format for each destination
  • Optimize your product content across large and small retail channels
  • Instantly identify and fix any data feed errors
  • Automatically adjust templates any time a channel changes its requirements


ChannelAdvisor Product Feed Manager makes it remarkably fast and easy to transform your product data to meet the needs of every e-commerce channel. Get feeds approved faster, make customers happier and watch sales soar higher. It’s yet another reason so many manufacturing brands and retailers rely on ChannelAdvisor to optimize all of their marketing, selling and fulfilling activities.