ChannelAdvisor Price ManagerStay competitive and compliant when using repricers on multiple markets

The Plight of Marketplace Price Management

With more sellers than ever competing across more product categories, having a structured pricing strategy is a marketplace must — which is why many retailers and branded manufacturers are turning to automatic repricers. However …

While repricers can select the best price, they don’t always adhere to individual marketplace pricing agreements. And if your product’s price is lowered on one marketplace but not another, there’s a good chance you’ll be considered noncompliant.

This can be a real problem. The risk of product suppressions, listing removals and even account suspensions remains high as marketplaces police prices to ensure they remain “reasonable.” Losing as little as a week’s worth of sales while you work to get these issues resolved can easily add up to catastrophic costs, particularly during peak selling seasons.

The result? Many sellers are faced with a difficult choice: Stick to a single-channel repricing strategy, or devote resources to manually monitoring repricers across multiple marketplaces? Rely on just one marketplace to determine your price across channels, or look for a way to reduce your risk of getting beat on a price elsewhere?

What if, instead, you could automate a cross-channel repricing strategy — one with built-in checks and balances to standardize product pricing across marketplaces?

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The Picture of Perfect Parity

Wouldn’t it be nice if compliance issues didn’t get in the way of pricing strategies? How much more could you accomplish if marketplaces were consistently happy with your product prices, and if Buy Box and Best Offer wins occurred frequently? What if you could maximize margins and ensure brand continuity across marketplaces and webstores … all without the need for more manual work or hiring extra resources?

How It Works

Price Manager makes it easy to implement a repricing strategy spanning multiple channels and webstores — one that’s competitive and compliant. This feature allows you to leverage the power of ChannelAdvisor’s algorithmic repricers with built-in safeguards so you can:

ChannelAdvisor’s algorithmic repricers automatically adjust prices based on your desired SKU-level maxes and minimums to ensure competitive prices that won’t sacrifice profits. One ChannelAdvisor client increased its Buy Box percentage by over 104% using the Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon.

For example, one ChannelAdvisor client saves over 60 hours per month using the Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon.

ChannelAdvisor’s Price Manager aligns prices across sites, helping sellers to adhere to price parity requirements when using multiple repricers. This feature allows repricers to act independently to come up with the best decision for each marketplace, and then have the lowest price applied everywhere.

By combining multiple repricers with the Price Manager, sellers can publish competitive pricing across nearly 100 marketplaces and webstores. Price Manager empowers you to be flexible on price and implement a strong cross-channel repricing strategy, while reducing the risk of being in breach of contracts.

In Summary

ChannelAdvisor Price Manager is the most reliable way to ensure the best price for each marketplace and have the lowest price applied everywhere.

The sooner you start using this feature, the faster you’ll be positioned to secure more Buy Box and Best Offer wins across channels — while reducing the risk of non-compliance — from Amazon and eBay to Walmart, Jet and more.