The Jason and Scot Show – e-commerce podcast ep2 is available

November 19, 2015

ChannelAdvisor Scot Wingo By Scot Wingo


Last week, Jason Goldberg and I launched a podcast focused on talking about the latest topics in internet retailing called the Jason and Scot show.

We received a ton of great feedback on the first episode and have tried to put as much of that into episode 2 as possible.

This week we talk about:

  • Merrill Lynch came out with an interesting price comparison report – how did Walmart, eBay, Jet and Amazon do?
  • Over the last week, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dick’s Sporting Goods and other retailers have lowered their holiday forecasts.  Does this portend the death of retail?
  • Innovative new retail concepts – Jason travels the World looking at interesting retail experiences and in this segment he highlights some of the coolest new things he’s seen
  • Robots!

Where to listen

The biggest feedback we received from Episode 1 went like this: “My favorite podcast app is X, when will it be there?!”  Well, we spent the last week adding distribution so here is everywhere we are now:

  • iTunes – You can find our iTunes landing page here.
  • Soundcloud – You can find us on soundcloud here.  (Note this is popular for desktop streaming).
  • Stitcher – We are now on Stitcher, you can find us here.  Stitcher seems to be popular with the Android crowd.
  • Everywhere else – Most of the other podcast players utilize an RSS feed and our feed is here.  In text that is – you should be able to enter this or search ‘jasshow’.

Read along links

In epii we talk about some companies and articles out in the press, if this is interesting to you, you can research more here:


Thanks for listening and let us know if you have any feedback!


Scot Wingo, co-founder and Executive Chairman of ChannelAdvisor, wrote this post.