Scot Wingo Interviews Author Brad Stone on Amazon Book, “The Everything Store”

November 12, 2013

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the average American, the name Jeff Bezos probably doesn’t ring a bell.

Jobs, Gates: These are the names of the industry titans who have swiftly and
irreversibly changed our cultural landscape — and the way we do business. Their
names have become almost as well known as their companies, and their personal
mythologies are often intertwined with their products.

Though is just as culturally relevant as eBay, Facebook and Microsoft, its
driving force, Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, has remained relatively unknown in
public consciousness.


Tuesday, November 19 at 2 p.m. EST, join ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo for an
enlightening digital fireside chat with Brad Stone, a senior writer at Bloomberg Businessweek and author of the
new book The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos
and the Age of Amazon


first deep dive into the founding of Amazon, The Everything Store chronicles the rise of Amazon from its early
days as a place simply to buy books, to the Internet’s premier one-stop shop it
is today — the place where we purchase pretty much “everything.” The Everything
also delves deeply into Jeff Bezos himself
— his motivations, methods and role in building one of the most successful
companies in the world and forever changing the global marketplace.

controversial book is the culmination of Stone’s years of reporting on Amazon
for Bloomberg Businessweek, The
New York Times
and Newsweek, which allowed him
unprecedented access to hundreds of Bezos’ friends, employees and former

among the many touchstones in the book:

  • How
    Amazon grew from books to the ‘everything store’
  • The
    early days and ideas behind key Amazon strategies such as the marketplace and
    Amazon Prime
  • Bezos’
    background and initial ambitions for Amazon
  • The
    successes and growing pains that Amazon experienced during its journey to the
  • Bezos’
    recent purchase of the The Washington
    for $250 million

This fireside chat,
however, will provide Stone’s perspective on the man behind the vision,
elaborating on the thought processes of an innovator. This insight into the
views that shaped the e-commerce revolution will not only help us to understand
how we got to where we are today, but more important, will help us to shed
light on where we’re going next.

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