Questions that top sellers wanted to ask eBay today.

March 11, 2009

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While on Twitter, for eBay’s Analyst day, I started to receive tweets from sellers reading/following and tweeting.  They wanted to ask questions via analysts.  I was able to gather those and pass them on to some of the buy+sell side folks that I knew attended.  It’s an interesting wish and worth publishing:

  1. How much will advertising be growing from the eBay site – what amount of real estate does that represent and GMV cannibalization
  2. Who does eBay think of as their customer – if they had to pick one of seller/buyer/shareholder
  3. Does ebay plan to have any new protections against fraudulent buyers – will sellers have to pay for this?
  4. Are you focused on secondary or primary (diamond) – we are confused.
  5. If trust is so important – why does eBay continue to not implement verification of buyers and sellers?
  6. Does eBay give preferential treatment to large diamond sellers with better economics and the removal of negatives/low dsrs?
  7. eBay keeps saying that selection has never been better, but as sellers we are seeing the lowest selection in categories like shoes, golf, etc.  How does eBay reconcile that?
  8. Why is Griff the only one that will talk to small sellers now? (does eBay hate small sellers now?)
  9. If sellers with 4.8+ DSRs are ‘trusted sellers’, what are those with lower than 4.8?  Why not kick them off the site? (that one is mine)
  10. If 2011 is when we will grow again, how will you get all of the buyers that leave over the next two years?
  11. If UPC and catalogueueues are where eBay is going, how can vintage sellers stay on the site (and why).

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