Part III/III – eBay Changes ‘Package’ thoughts.

July 27, 2009

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This is part III of a III part ‘eBay Strategies’ series detailing and
reacting to eBay’s second round of 2009 changes announced today (aka
the Summer release or what they call SR2 internally@eBay).

  • Part I covers the search and seller efficiency changes and is here.
  • Part II covers the eTRS – which is here.
  • Part III (you are here) looks at the Summer changes package and offers some thoughts/analysis.

ChannelAdvisor is also hosting a webinar on August 4th (next
Tuesday) at 2pm ET where we will detail the changes and go through some
tips on how to start preparing for the changes now.  We’ll also
highlight some strategies on how to take advantage of the changes
before the holidays.

Be sure to register for the eBay changes webinar here.

Evaluating SR2 from a seller’s perspective


Evaluating SR2 from a buyer’s perspective



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