Part II/II: eBay Announces Spring 2013 Changes – Seller and Fee Changes

March 19, 2013

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This is part II of a two part series going over the big changes that eBay has announced today (March 19th, 2013) commonly referred to as the eBay 13.1 release.

  • Part I/II – In part I (here), we gave an overview of the changes and detailed the non-fee changes for sellers that eBay is rolling out this Spring.
  • Part II/II – (you are here) The 13.1 release marks the biggest changes that eBay has made (in the US) to the fee structure since April 2011 when they started charging final-value-fees on shipping-and-handling.  We believe that sellers are going to really want to understand these change so have devoted a whole post to just the fee change portion of the 13.1 release.

We are also planning to host a webinar detailing these changes and answering any questions you have this Friday at 10am ET.  Details are here (

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the eBay 13.1 fee changes that are designed to simplify the eBay fee structure, and will impact all sellers.  We’ll also go over a detailed anlaysis of the impact of these changes.