Part I/II: eBay Announces Spring 2013 Changes – Seller and Fee Changes

March 19, 2013

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Today (March 19, 2013) , eBay announced their first big ‘release’ of 2013 – internally they call it 13.1 (the 13 is the year and the dot is the release number, e.g. 13.2 will be next, etc.).

There’s a lot of changes in the release including a big change to the eBay fee structure, so we are going to do a two part series:

  • Part I/II – (you are here) – we’ll provide an overview of the changes and detailed the non-fee changes for sellers that eBay is rolling out this Spring.
  • Part II/II – (here) The 13.1 release marks the biggest changes that eBay has made (in the US) to the fee structure since April 2011 when they started charging final-value-fees on shipping-and-handling.  We believe that sellers are going to really want to understand these change so have devoted a whole post to just the fee change portion of the 13.1 release.

We are also planning to host a webinar detailing these changes and answering any questions you have this Friday at 10am ET.  Details are here (

Putting the release in perspective – it’s all about the seller

In 2012, most of the changes to eBay were really focused on the buyer experience.  In addition to updating the logo, they introduced the feed system and other buyer-facing initiatives.  For sellers, there were some 2012 new additions such as the Global Shipping Program (GSP) and expansion of Fast-N-Free, but 2012 was skewed towards buyer changes.

Looking at the 13.1 package of changes, you can tell the focus is on improving the seller experience.  We were briefed on the changes by Michael Jones, eBay’s VP of Merchant Development, and he summarized the changes:

“The selling community is the heart of what eBay was built on, and it’s extremely important that we continue to partner deeply with sellers to help them continue to reach buyers around the world and grow their businesses.  This is the start of a new eBay for sellers – drastically simpler and more consistent – with the intent of being the most competitive commerce platform int he U.S.”

With that backdrop, let’s dig into the non-fee related changes (we cover the fee changes in part II).