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March 30, 2009

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This is Part II of my eBay UK, Mark Lewis keynote live blog.  Part I was here.
  • What kinds of products are doing well?
    • Just out of season – off-price, secondary market
    • Buyers are thinking about every pound and trading down
    • There are warehouses of this stock throughout the country waiting for sellers like you to find them.  Go get them, put them on eBay and price them competitively.
    • Are you the lowest price in that category?
    • Experiment with free shipping.
    • Consider BestOffer
  •   Summary:
    • It’s tough out there
    • Top sellers are doing well
    • There is a success for doing well on eBay
  • Looking forward
    • We heard you on predictability/reliability.  We’re not changing our strategy.
    • But we want to make ourselves easier to work with.
    • In 2009 we are going to bundle together our releases into two major releases
      •  Shows a calendar with June and Sept circled
      •  60 days of notice at a minimum
  • Five things coming in June:
    • Better Listings to drive more sales
      • Multiple Variation Listings (size/colour/etc.)
      • Free Picture hosting
    • Make it easier to sell on eBay
      • Smart FAQ –  allows you to build FAQs or eBay will do it for you.  You can also entirely suppress buyer questions (!?)
      • Easy Returns – A new way for buyers to do automatic returns on eBay UK.  Buyers can print an RMA slip right off eBay with full information on what’s going on.
    • More incentives to offer Free Shipping
      •  This will be in addition to visibility incentives
  • Then they went through some mock-ups for how this will look in TurboLister as well as the site.
    •  Consumer will select their variations and click buy (like Amazon)
  • Conclusion:
    •  We realise it’s tough out there
    • That being said – top sellers on eBay are doing very well – 30% growth
    • 2/3 are confident about ability to keep growing
    • 2008 was a year of a lot of change
    • We’re excited about the year.
They are opening to a Q+A – I’ll post that separately in a second.

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