Optimize, Connect and Grow With the Spring 2017 Expanded Product Suite

April 27, 2017

ChannelAdvisor Anna Torres By Anna Torres

ChannelAdvisor Expanded Product Suite | Spring 2017 from ChannelAdvisor

In case you missed the news, last month we announced our biggest product update — ever. Why such a big update? Because big things are happening in the e-commerce industry. According to the US Census Bureau, consumer spending in 2016 grew 16% YoY to a whopping $550 billion, and while traditional department stores saw a downturn in sales, online retailers grew by almost 11%. Things they are a’changing.

You see, the modern consumer has an increasingly complicated buying journey. The traditional consumer journey model that’s been the norm for so many years has changed — drastically. Today’s consumers have more sophisticated preferences due to the sheer amount of options they’re presented with. And we’re not just talking about the “endless aisle” phenomenon that companies like Amazon have spoiled us with. Technology has enabled consumers to completely customize their shopping experience — from discovery to purchase — to best fit their lives. Brands and retailers are now faced with the challenge of optimizing the steps needed to reach customers when, where and how they shop.

As industry leaders, it’s our goal to help brands and retailers get closer to the consumer path to purchase than ever before. This Spring’s Expanded Product Suite is designed around three pillars that will help our clients align with the new consumer journey: connect to customers, optimize operations and grow sales channels.

Check out the presentation above for a recap of some of the key features in our product suite update, and make sure the watch the free on-demand recording of last month’s webinar for a deeper dive into the tools we’ve tailored to help you grow sales, connect to more customers and optimize operations through actionable intelligence.