New Series – 10 Strategies For the Spring eBay Changes

March 4, 2010

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Greetings eBay Strategies readers.  I’ve been getting a lot of feedback and requests that I return to some of the mainstays of the blog such as, well, eBay strategies for sellers.  Today I’m going to start a series bite-size posts that give real-world sellers 10 new strategies built around the coming eBay changes this spring.

eBay changes overview

On January 26, 2010, eBay announced what internally they call the SR10.1 (SR=Seller Release) which has some parts that are live today and others that will go live on March 30th.  Our goal in the series is to make sure everyone is aware of the changes, provide our unique view of how to think about the changes and then give you some strategies to not only survive the changes, but thrive.

When we look at the changes, we break them into 5 buckets:

  • Economic impact – These are changes to fee structures that will have an impact on the economics of your eBay business.
  • Trust changes – These are changes that are oriented towards improving consumer-trust (but always have seller impact as well).
  • Variation changes – These are changes to the Variation Style Listings (VSL) that we’ve written about copiously here at eBay Strategies and will continue to expand upon because we see real-world benefits (e.g. selling more) from VSL adoption.
  • Search implications – There aren’t any ‘straight up’ search changes in SR10.1, BUT every other bullet on this list has search implications. Search is the eBay firehose of traffic and with every set of changes we feel it’s required that sellers always evaluate what this does to search.
  • eBay Motors Parts and Accessories Changes – eBay’s P+A category is huge and we work with hundreds of sellers in this category.  SR10.1 has some unique changes for P+A that are of course very important for that audience.  ALSO, I think some of these changes are harbingers for what we may see on the rest of eBay (core) over time.

Most of the posts will be oriented towards US sellers, but since many of the SR10.1 changes have already been in play (e.g. the fee model for example) in the UK and other regions where we have a lot of readers, I’ll be very interested to hear your feedback about the strategies and any additional strategies you want to share from your early-adopter positions.

Also for all you Wall St’ers out there, I think many of you will find it interesting to look at the changes through the lens of a seller, so stay tuned, we’ll have some good tidbits for you in there as well.

Keep the conversation going

I’m going to kick off the first post tonight and try to keep up to a once every 2 days schedule to keep things flowing.  Also the series can take some turns based on your feedback and questions, so let’s make this as interactive as possible.  I’ll endeavor to jump into the comments and I’ve made some tweaks to the comment system that should limit the amount of comment spam that we get.  I know this makes it a little bit more work to comment (captcha, etc.), but it’s worth it to not have to have viagra spam interspersed with the discussion.

If there’s anything in particular you want me to cover or questions you have about SR10.1 that you want cleared up, sound off in comments.

SeekingAlpha disclosure – I am long Google and Amazon. eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor.