New ChannelAdvisor Updates to Help You Market, Sell and Fulfill in 2018

April 26, 2018

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Have you heard? At Catalyst Americas, CEO David Spitz announced some exciting changes here at ChannelAdvisor.

No matter where the latest trends take you, our goal is to continually keep our customers at the cutting edge of e-commerce. And this week, we’re rolling out several new features and enhancements to help both first-party and third-party sellers market, sell and fulfill in ways that meet all the latest consumer demands to keep you ahead of the competition.

Here’s a snapshot of the latest additions to our ever-growing e-commerce platform:

Amazon Advertising Support for First-Party Sellers

Our latest Amazon integration adds robust features and functionalities to help you save time and win more ad positions. Together with the ChannelAdvisor marketing experts, you can create custom date range reports, make bulk changes to bids and even use automated rule-based bidding for both manual and automatic campaigns. Learn more >>

Retail Content Management

This optional add-on makes it remarkably easy to convert product content for hundreds of SKUs across numerous retail sites. Simply upload the retailer’s template and then use lookup lists and business rules to map content within minutes. ChannelAdvisor will clean your data on its way to our platform and transform it according to specifications for each retailer. Learn more >>

Profitability Reporting

Having a hard time identifying how well your products are really selling? New profitability reports make it easy to see at a glance. ChannelAdvisor will automatically convert your available data — advertising and commission fees, customer shipping fees, fulfillment costs and more — to show profit and loss on every product and each marketplace. Learn more >>

Performance-Based Pricing

If you’ve ever wished for an easier, more cost-effective way to build out your competitive pricing strategy, be sure to leverage ChannelAdvisor’s new Performance-Based Pricing. You can now use business rules to have product prices automatically adjusted along with shifts in consumer demand. Combined with our algorithmic repricers with Price Manager, this additional layer of “smart” pricing can give you a big-time competitive edge.

Shipping Management Suite

Our new Shipping Management Suite keeps you connected to numerous shipping partners and services, all within one centralized e-commerce platform. You can process bulk orders, shop for the best shipping rate on each order, print labels across carriers, streamline pick lists, create branded packing slips and easily meet shipping service level agreements (SLAs). Learn more >>

First-Party Order Support

Whether you struggle with inventory updates, purchase orders, shipment notifications or invoicing, our new support for 1P orders will allow you to replace manual tasks with powerful automation. Just map your product feed to process retail purchase or drop-ship orders, update stock quantities, generate invoices and more. Learn more >>

Of course, these highlights are far from the only enhancements. We’ve also expanded our e-commerce platform to integrate with many more channels including Houzz, Google Shopping Actions on Google Express, Walmart Canada and more.

Join us to learn how you can begin using these features to market, sell and fulfill more competitively.

On Thursday, May 3, the ChannelAdvisor e-commerce specialists will walk through these features and show you how to use them effectively. Register now to see them all in action.

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