My first ApplePay purchase!

October 20, 2014

ChannelAdvisor Scot Wingo By Scot Wingo

Today, Apple officially launched ApplePay with iOS 8.1.  Here’s my first ApplePay experience:


I downloaded the iOS 8.1 and scanned in 4 of my cards.  It was all going great until I hit my last card (issued by PNC):


Well, guess I won’t be using that one with ApplePay.

A quick scan showed that our local Walgreens is ApplePay compatible and a launch partner, so I shot over there and got a soda and some dog treats (yum!)



The clerk wasn’t sure if it would work, but we gave it a try (I was the first customer to try, but they had heard of it and he said Walgreens trained them to expect it today).

The Walgreens Point-of-sale had a clear NFC ‘tap area’->


The first time I tried, I tapped the phone to the NFC area and then pulled it away, that stopped the transaction.  The clerk said I have to keep the phone there longer.  Ok, take 2.

Take 2 worked – Passbook fired up and I selected the card and then used TouchID to pay:


The Walgreens receipt showed the card I paid with and had different digits (the token) than my card:


Nearly instantaneously, I received a digital receipt (not itemized):


This was a great transaction.  I’ve used the PayPal POS system and Google Wallet and ApplePay blows them away by far.  The entire process is very smooth and thought out. On top of that, I like that my card numbers are going to be more secure now.  Plus, I was able to verify my credit card with miles worked and even my Walgreens loyalty program (the POS asked for my number on that).

I’ll definitely be using this going forward.  Here’s a list of retailers and apps that are part of the ApplePay launch: