March 2011 ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index

April 11, 2011

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Note: The ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index is a new way of tracking Facebook Commerce introduced by ChannelAdvisor in February of 2011.  You can read the background information, schedule, etc. in this introductory post.

March 2011 ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index

March was a very strong month for fan growth.  There were too many new retailer promotions to go into detail, but we’ll pull out a couple of highlights.  As retailers continue to wake up to the Facebook Commerce opportunity, we should see continued acceleration in all metrics.

Here’s what we saw from  a macro level in growth of the audience across the entire index:

  • Growth – The total number of online retailer fans increased 8% since February – That’s a 96% annualized growth rate without compounding, so clearly Facebook users continue to ‘Fan/Like’ pages for online retailers at a strong pace.  The pace is increasing, up from 5.1% in the Jan/Feb timeframe.
  • Audience – The total fan count grew from  155.3m to 169.7m fans from Feb to March.  This is the aggregate fan count across > 500 pages without de-duplication, but indicative of the scale of the Facebook Commerce trends we have all heard anecdotally and now we are able to track quantitatively.

Now let’s look at the three different views of the data: Top 25, Top 25 Growers and Top 25 Percentage Growers.

ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Top 25

Not a lot of changes in the top 25 since February.  Walmart moved up from the 15 spot up to 8 which was the biggest movement in the top 25.

Top Growers


From an absolute fan basis, there was a lot of interesting activity this month.  I wanted to specifically call out Build-A-Bear – they did a full court press in March to drive fans to their FB page and the results were a net increase of 500k fans on top of 340k for a whopping 146% increase – one fo the fastest movers we’ve seen.  They did it via:
  • Fans enter to win one of several $100 gift cards
  • A special product for facebook fans
  • Heavily promoting their facebook page on site, emails, etc. (maybe in stores, haven’t checked).

Adidas added over 1m fans in a month, a very impressive movement that was driven by a ton of original content only available on their FB page.  They are leveraging their celeb endorsers (Snoop, Katy Perry, etc.) and putting small videos on FB that are promoted in a variety of media outlets to drive excitement and fans.

Top Percentage Growers


While some of these retailers are starting from small bases, they have strong brands.  It will be interesting to see some of them work their way up the ranks as they build more momentum.  Keep an eye on Spanx, shoplet, Omaha steaks and NY+Co – they are all tweaking their promotions with clear goals to get into the higher ranks.


Seeking Alpha Disclaimer: I am long Google and Amazon.  eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor where I am CEO.  ChannelAdvisor has over 3000 retailer customers many of whom are included in the ChannnelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index and maybe discussed in the context of Facebook commerce best practices.