Lots of post Amazon Q4 news – roundup

February 3, 2012

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First and I think (ok, I’m pretty biased on this one), ChannelAdvisor announced that Amazon is coming to Catalyst this year!  We’ve announced that Sebastian Gunningham, Amazon’s SVP of Seller Services will be speaking (in a fireside chat) at the conference.    I can also tell you the agenda is going to be chock-full-o Amazon content.  If you want to learn more about 3P, FBA, ProductAds, Amazon’s auto category and a variety of other Amazon seller programs, this is going to be the best opportunity you will ever have. Period.

Click here to sign up (we are way ahead of plan, so I expect we will sell out this year, so don’t get caught in that situation!) and we’ll be announcing more details on the agenda and even more speakers in the coming weeks.

Now here’s some other Amazon news that came out this week post earnings (read our coverage here if you missed it).  After the news, we have an interesting follow-up to Amazon’s Q – Wall St. is still scratching it’s head over the Q and trying to understand Amazon’s mysterious Services Revenue along with understanding just how big the 3P marketplace was and will be in 2012.

Further pondering Amazon’s Q4 results

As part of a public company announcing results, they do the normal press release and conference call and the SEC requires them to also file a form 10Q.  Amazon filed their 10Q and it had a bit more information on this mysterious Services Revenue new line item.

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