Long time, no blog… (aka June is going to be busy!)

May 30, 2008

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Phew, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks here at ChannelAdvisor and my normal midnight-2am blog time has been occupied by a variety of other things and thus I haven’t had much time to blog.  A lot of time has been spent on two upcoming shows that I wanted to alert readers that we’ll be at in full force:

  1. Internet Retailer – (IRCE for short is in Chicago this year June 9-12).  ChannelAdvisor has a huge booth at this event (booth 453 – it’s the one in front of the entrance just left of centre).  As ecommerce channels have grown in importance, IRCE has become a cornerstone tradeshow for us.  With 5-8k internet retailers under one roof what’s not to love about this conference?  One interesting trend I’ll be reporting on for you eBay-focused folks is that over the last 2-3 years we’ve seen more of the larger eBay sellers choosing to go to this event vs. eBay Live.  With eBay skipping Live in 2009, it gives IRCE a chance to really take over.  I’m speaking at IRCE at the June 9 “Advanced strategies for marketing your website” Workshop with the folks from Vitamin Shoppe about PPC advertising.  There’s some great content our team came up with here so I’ll make sure to put it on the blog or our sister site (our paid-search blog), www.searchmarketing.com.
  2. eBay Live – is ALSO in Chicago the next week June 19-21.  ChannelAdvisor will be at booth 911 (Got an eBay emergency? come to booth 911!).  eBay Live is going to be very busy with Wall St. events, talks and panels.
    • For the Wall St. readers in the audience we are co-hosting three sell-side events (a breakfast lunch and dinner so all of your culinary needs can be met!) featuring a wide variety of our top sellers- shoot ashley@channeladvisor.com an email if you want more info.
    • 6/19 – 3pm – I have a talk on 12 tips to improve your DSRs (rm w375a)
    • 6/20 – 10:30am – Sitting on a panel on using CSP software and tools to improve efficiency (rm W180).  This one’s fun because I get to talk about how often Blackthorne crashes all the time and what not. (that’s for John).
    • 6/20 – 1pm – I’m hosting a panel entitled ‘how to run your back-office for top sellers’ (this is going to be strong as we have a rockstar panel) – (rm w375c)
    • 6/21 – noon book signing (I guess in the book store?)
    • 6/21 – 3pm – Is a repeat of the DSR talk for those that couldn’t make the earlier one (rm W179a)

So preparing for all of this has taken a big time investment, but I think we’re ready.  I’m definitely looking forward to meeting tons of customers, industry folks and blog readers.  See you in Chicago!

P.S. I have a couple of pent up blog items I’ll try and get out today/this weekend.