Live (stream) blogging from eBay/PayPal’s X.commerce Innovate

October 12, 2011

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While I couldn’t be there in person, eBay has thankfully implemented a live stream and we have a team there.  This is the live blogging of the JD keynote.

Check back for thoughts in real-time.


Our Platform, your Imagination

  • eBay started with some good loocking staging and the theme “Our Platform, your imagination”
  • They played a video that went by fast, my takeaway: “By 2013 all global commerce will be $10T” (that’s not e-commerce that’s ALL commerce).

Naveed Anwar takes the stage.

Naveed is the head of community at and the spokesman (the Griff of X)

Main talking points:

  • Over 3000 attendees
  • Tons of change in the industry
  • Consumers are in control.
  • Merchants – eBay “We need help!”
  • In order to win, it’s not spending the most, it’s keeping up with the pace of innovation
  • Having the tools and capabilities to get ahead
  • We want to help you get ahead and sell more stuff
  • Bunch of talking points/housekeeping about the conference
  • X.commerce is a platform and a community with over 850,000 developers
  • Over 300 x.commece engineers at the conference

Introducing JD – a developer friendly CEO.

But first a video:

  • What will you change?
  • Shows some notional retail examples/challenges like a lady flipping through 100’s of coupons
  • Hats are boring then some code makes them cool
  • iPhone user gets a real-time coupon
  • People use NFC to pay at retail
  • Hardware sales guy makes a ton of dough
  • Developer pets dog
  • The future of commerce begins today.

JD takes the stage


  • We are on the cusp of transformative change
  • I believe we will see more change in how consumers shop and pay over the next 3yrs than we’ve seen over the last 15yrs.
  • Why?
  • We used to think about offline and online.
  • How many of you have been in a store and used a smartphone app to buy from phone?
  • Yep – happening all over the world – lines are blurring.
  • We are taking the e out of e-commerce which makes it $10T opp->


  • Half of offline goods were influenced by online.
  • It’s about commerce (period).
  • As we think about it, the consumer is in charge (and they are all green with one eye 😉


In fact we’ll do $5b on eBay in mobile this year and $3m will be paid with paypal (does that mean that $2b won’t pay with paypal – I’ve never understood why the paypal number isn’t bigger than the eBay number?)

Merchants of all sizes must innovate:


JD then talks about some convos with retailers –

  • “How do we go global?”
  • “What do we do about groupon?”
  • “How do I drive foot traffic in my site?”
  • Germans want to go global
  • “We need more data about our customers!”
  • You need data to compete in this world.
  • We are retailers, we want to delight customers, we are not technologists

eBay was fortunate 15yrs ago to be at the epicentre of this.  And now we are at the doorstep of a transformative period.

This is our goal and we will not compete with you! (Amazon dig)

JD wants to talk about x.commerce today, not eBay/Paypal/GSI.

History of X.commerce

  • 2yrs ago, I said that developers are our new third customer (buyers/sellers/developers)
  • Last year we demod some really innovative mobile/digital stuff
  • Gave us feedback – “If you want us to help you, build exciting innovations, then we want more than payments.”

Today we are announcing X.commerce – it’s an open commerce operating system stack ecosystem (?).

We’re bringing together the full stack of e-commerce services so you can drive innovation.

No single company can provide all the solutions.  They need different solutions by vertical, solution, etc.

Our goals:

  1. We are going to partner and make acquisitions to build the full commerce stack.
  2. We are going to be open – Paypal is open, so is magento, GSI will be next year with V11
  3. We want to make it easy. It’s not a loose collection – come to one place to get everything you need.

In summary, eBay is going to enabled commerce (no e).

JD closes with a video before he introduces Matthew.  The video features:

  • Newegg, monster cable
  • Yahoo stores
  • Consumer is changing rapidly, social, etc.

Matthew Mengerink (GM of Xcommerce)

  • Retail is a platform game – you are either in or out.
  • It’s not just a platform, a Fabric
  • A flexible, interwoven fabric that pulls everything together.
  • Tells story about his teenage daughter buying a fleece she didn’t want
  • Open is important – respect the developer’s and the merchant

About the Xcommerce fabric

  • It’s a pub/sub model
  • Allows you to write once and go viral
  • Merchants need what developers are building

Demo 1 – SoccerPro

  • The neighborhood store faces all the competitors online as well as the local competitors.
  • They have little to no money for technology.
  • We found a store called Soccer Pro that fits this perfectly.
  • We did an extreme makeover
  • (video in the vein of extreme makeover)
  • SoccerPro – founders
  • They have no technology.
  • (FYI This is not – it’s (No idea what the RC is about))
  • They have two locations in Redwood City (ah that’s the RC) and Belmont
  • As part of the makover they gave these guys a free hosted storefront.
  • Demo – setting up store (Magento Enteprrise)
  • They have a new online store (Cygnix did something to help)
  • Now they are pushing some inventory to eBay and milo
  • Now Adobe takes the stage (Bill Ingram – VP of Adobe)
  • SiteCatalyst for Magento (Interesting, most use Google Analytics, not $$$ analytics)
  • Analytics are important

Demo2 – Viviann’s handbags

  • They look at Viviann’s email roi
  • They look at her product-level conversions
  • Losing 80% of shoppers at checkout

You can go to and download the fabric and play with it yourself.


CBT is a huge opportunity for merchants, but it’s an ugly problem.  X.commerce can solve that.

Mazentop – representing YBridal – Shows how they setup a French E-comm site.

Roy from Magento takes the stage

Magento connect – where developers can purchase extensions.  Over 100,000 merchants have access.  You can tap into x.commerce today via Magento Connect.

(Roy leaves, Matthew is back)

In 2012, we’ll be opening this up even more.

Paypal has created a great new way for you to leverage this

PayPal Access (this was leaked earlier this week)

  •  Onboarding customers is hard
  • They have to update their shipping info, etc.
  • PayPal is going to make it easier – stop filling out forms.
  • Login with PPA – THE Commerce Identity
  • Others are focused on ‘social access’
  • When I want to use my wallet, I need a ‘commerce identity’

Example: (click here:

 Toys R Us takes the stage

Betsy Poirer – Digital Channel Marketing Director

  •  TRU recently introduced buy online, ship to store
  • Now they are bringing in-store to online.
  • Use case:
  • Email from wife- please buy this eBay item (TRU on eBay)
  • Wife reminds him, he’s jammed up.
  • Uses the local tab (milo) and finds the item
  • He forgets something and uses Redlaser (now with Milo and paypal integrations) and buys the item for in-store delivery.

(Sorry for the delay – had a conflict)

The keynote wrapped up with Facebook taking the stage. The big hoopla around a big announcement turned out to be nothing major – they are giving Magento developers access to the FB open graph (which wouldn’t they already have that?)

SeekingAlpha disclosure – I am long Amazon and Google.  eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor where I am CEO.