Live blogging Sears Marketplace talk @ US Catalyst 2011

April 6, 2011

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Imran Jooma, SVP+President of Sears online is talking this am about the marketplace at Sears.  We are live blogging the highlights of his talk.

(editorial note – Monday we announced an early access program for ChannelAdvisor customers to start selling on Sears – details are here)

Imran is taking the stage.  Wants to introduce us to a friend named Bob.  Bob is an online seller that sells bobble heads.

He showed a video in the style of the latest Sears ads.


  • How many of you want to expand customer base: 100%
  • How many want to boost your business: 100%

The opportunity

If you are ready to go BIG, sears can help.  Consumers trust brands and Sears has great brands such as craftsman, kenmore, etc.

Sears also has millions of visitors.  A little extra work gets you up on the sears marketplace.   Sears is one of the fastest growing e-commerce sites and marketplace is a big part of their success

Why did Sears start a marketplace?

Sears is built on two principles:

  • Choice – selection
  • Convenience – make it easy for consumers to find things from one place -sears  They offer more shipping options than anyone: store, shipping, home delivery.

Three programs for Sears sellers

  1. Sell on Sears
  2. Sell through Sears (FBA-like)
  3. Advertise on Sears

Details (more available here at Sears)

  • Sell on Sears – $39/m plus a per-category % of sales (no listing fees) You can see the rate card here.  You ship the item.
  • Sell Through Sears – Sears ships the item on your behalf – $39/m plus fulfilment costs.
  • Advertise on Sears – CPC program (ProductAds-esque) – pushes consumers to your website.

Sears is offering CA Catalyst attendees no monthly fees for six months – Catalyst EXCLUSIVE


Q: Is this available in Canada?

A: Not yet, but stay tuned.

Q: Some people have had challenges with another company stealing data and cutting the seller out – What is your stance on that?

A: We understand the sensitivity, our commitment is that we are customer centric and we will treat you as a partner+customer.   We have an advisory board that takes this type of feedback so we can work with you.


SeekingAlpha disclaimer: I am long Google and Amazon. eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor.  Sears is a partner of ChannelAdvisor.