Live Blogging – Internet Retailer Conference (IRCE) Chris Payne keynote – part II/II

July 15, 2011

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In 2011 we will double the $2b in mobile to $4b or more, a very exciting time to be focused on mobile.  What have we learned?

  • People can take their shopping with them.
  • Now the customer is the centre, not the store.
  • Buyers don’t distinguish between mobile and PC – they want all the functionality in their hands
  • People may start on the web, and then complete on mobile, or vice-versa
  • You have to connect the experiences across devices
  • Because phones with them all the time, they buy more, they bid, their activity level is way up
  • They aren’t shy about big ticket items (Mercedes sold for $240,001 on eBay last year from mobile app).
  • The % of offline commerce that is being influenced by online is growing substantially.
  • Ecommerce is $300m, cross-channel is $1T, offline is $1.5T
  • The lines are blurring and now we have 5X the opportunity we used to and it will get bigger.
  • The consumer is taking the E out of e-commerce and just buying
  • Today the web influences 37% of offline.


There will be 50b devices globally by 2020. We call this Commerce 3.0 – the intersection of payment,s mobile, prmos, local, self-scanning, shopping lists, social commerce, loyalty, in-store research with the consumer at the centre.


You will be able to leverage the social graph to enable engagement and commerce.  We believe at eBay that shopping is inherently social.  Ironically eBay was early in social.

eBay started with some sharing features in the fashion app.  They then did group gifts ( )to enable group gifting.  A scenario that was not possible as soon as 3yrs ago.


eBay will continue to invest in social and group gifts.  Another experiment they will be shipping in the coming days.  You can create a list of items you are considering and send it to your friends on facebook.  They can vote and drag in other suggestions.  Here’s a screen shot:


We want to brin the world’s offline inventory, online. Consumers want real-time access to local inventory.  Merchants want the buyers and foot traffic.  On eBay we do 2.3b searches/Q – we are the largest product search destination (?).

To begin to make this vision a reality, we acquired RedLaser.  Then we acquired Milo.  They have 50,000 stores in their app.

Then we acquired Where – it has an app that has 120k retailers that offer local deals (kind of Groupon-y).

We are clearly investing in local to make things a reality.  We also are integrating them quickly.  Milo is completely integrated with eBay already for example.

Today they are announcing Fetch – a Quickbooks thingy to tie POS to online. has details.


Merchants come in all sizes (large, smb, sole proprietors).  Merchants need a partner, not a competitor.  There is a lot of room for partnership and collaboration.  We can bring that to merchants of all sizes.

Most merchants don’t have the resources to invest in all these experiments and changes.  We do, it’s our job and we invest over $1b in technology, we acquire the latest and greatest and combine in interesting ways.  In addition we bring assets to help with that partnership with 95m users, mobile channels, data and trends, payments, etc.

Last week we announced x.commerce – a new group that will combine all of these assets and capabilities to bring all of the capabilities together.

We’re building a cloud-based, open software operating system.

It will provide e-commerce, analytics payments and more all in one platform.

In order to make a platform work, you need a large community of developers.  We have built that network – we have 60,000 paypal developers building 1500 apps, and on eBay we have a lot of third party software – powering 25% of the listing.  The Magento platform serves tons of developers.

In October we’ll reveal more at our first developer conference in San Francisco.  This is a huge bet for us at eBay.

Chris concluded his remarks.


Seeking Alpha disclosure – I am long Amazon and Google. eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor.