Live Blogging – Internet Retailer Conference (IRCE) Chris Payne keynote – part I/II

June 15, 2011

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Chris Payne is here from eBay and is the opening keynote.  We’re in a huge room that is about the size of half a football field and jam packed full of > 7000 chairs to hold the record attendance at this year’s IRCE.

Speaking to a bunch of retailers last night they are eager to hear more about how eBay is going to piece together all these recent acquisitions: Magento, GSI, Where, Milo, RedLaser, etc.

It will be interesting to see if Chris covers all of that today.

Kurt Peters started off with some new data from IR:

  • 482 of the IR500 have FB pages
  • 250 of IR500 have mobile sites
  • Free shipping is growing – all new usage and free shipping adoption across e-commerce
  • Channel Neutrality is dead – if you are an off-line retailer and not investing more in e-commerce, you could be in big trouble.

Kurt went over Chris’ background and mentioned he’ll be talking about the new shopping experiences that eBay is seeing (mobile, social, local)

Chris Payne, head of eBay North America, takes the stage…

Chris started with some eBay highlights from the last week:

  • The Warren Buffet lunch went for > $2m
  • Justin Bieber’s just cut hair went for $40,668
  • The Princess Beatrice hat went for $130k

You can buy and sell anything on eBay.  The pace of change on eBay has been very dramatic.

For example, we’ve been working with top designer Derek Lam on crowdsourcing.  He designed an entire collection, ran it by the community and they voted on which designs they wanted.

Building on this success, this weekend they are launching a FashionVault with Alexander Wang.


eBay does $10b in the Fashion category annualy.  This is a great example of how the e-commerce world is changing.


Chris is going to talk about three trends:

  1. Mobile
  2. Social
  3. Local

But first a quick primer:

  • World’s largest marketplace
  • $62billion in 2010
  • 60% was FP and 40% was auctions
  • Every 1.6min a car is sold, every 5 sec a GPS device, every 3 secs a pair of shoes
  • 25m sellers around the world200m items in 50k categories
  • 95m active buyers

We don’t make products, we are not a retailer and we will never compete with you (this is how they differentiate from Amazon – Scot) – As we connect buyers and sellers together we create opportunities for people.

Continued in post 2


SeekingAlpha disclosure – I am long google and Amazon – eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor where I am CEO.