Live Blogging from London – eBay UK update – Part II / II (New ‘More like this’ functionality announced!)

April 12, 2010

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This part II of a live blog from the eBay UK talk at Catalyst UK – the first post is here

Jody Ford continues…

Emerging buyer trends – there are three parts:

  • The need for risk free shopping
  • Deals – Consumers love deals, what is eBay doing to help them.
  • Relevant shopping experience – Fashion and mobile

Risk free shopping

Consumers worry about issues such as returns, shipping and handling, etc. eBay feels this is where the battleground is in e-commerce.

eBay has had a strong heritage in value, selection and deals, but need to help buyers understand that the majority of sellers deliver a great experience.

Continuing themes for eBay in 2010 – eTRS program.  He gave a recap of the program and highlighted that eTRS sellers are growing at 35% y/y vs. the eBay avg of 17%.

The second item is the eBay buyer protection program.  eBay now standing up for every transaction (very similar to the US program).


Buyers have a strong desire to find great deals with buzz and energy.  They created daily deals to satisfy this demand.  The program is open to powersellers.

Examples of daily deals:

  • They sold 6,500 units of a printer
  • 900 units of a laptop
  • 1,299 units of a pair of boots.

That’s a quarter of a million pounds in just a few deals.


New experiences – Fashion and Mobile

eBay UK recently launched a new focus on fashion which is a battleground of e-commerce. eBay wants to be in the forefront of this.  Buyers are reappraising what eBay is for.  eBay will do a series of things to ‘jog’ the buyer.  As part of that they are (re)launching the outlet –  This gives buyers the ability to find the name brands they want, for less.

Live in the UK is something called ‘more like this’ which launched today in beta (you heard it here first folks!)

Here’s an example I just found.  I search for a kate spade bag and in the listing you will see a ‘more like this’ link above the image: (click to expand)


That takes you to an experience like this (that looks like it needs a de-dupe functionality)->

You can see this page live here (at the time of this writing)

Jody then went over some of eBay’s mobile initiatives which we’ve covered in details here.

Next, I’ll post Q+A highlights



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