Live Blogging from London – eBay UK Q+A session

April 12, 2010

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This is part Three of a two part series 😉 – you can find the first to pieces here and here.

Jody Ford from eBay has now finished and is opening it to Q+A – I wanted to capture some of the more interesting exchanges here.  Jody has several colleagues helping with the Q+A.

Q: eTRS is such a high bar, how do you help sellers get over that bar – one or two one-stars can destroy you.

A: Buyers have a high bar, we have to have one as well.  No plans to raise the bar again.

Q: You just announced the fashion focus today.  Fashion has a higher return rate vs. other categories.  Each return could be a low DSR.  Could you have different standards for different categories?

A: You maybe right that some categories have different return rates.  The way we look at it is eBay and sellers need to manage the buyer expectation (including sizing charts and what-not).  They worry that buyers would be confused if there were different standards for different categories. Everyone in the category is in the same boat, so it’s somewhat of a level playing field.

Q: Does the fashion outlet pre-populate the outlet with only the sellers in that program? There’s only one suit on there and I sell suits and would like my products to show up.

A: Yes, this is a constrained set of sellers.  But it’s not a replacement for our normal search experience.  When we drive in new buyers, we want to leverage that traffic into the new experience.  (question asker chimes in that the US new is a better experience in his experience).  We’ve spent a lot of time understanding the buyer segments:

1. buyer enthusiast – similar across the globe. Not high fashion people, but want normal items (they are 35% of commerce) – Marks and Spencer’s as example.

2. fashion fanatics – trend and brand driven, already on eBay, want to do more in the future.

Q: I have a question about international SiteVisibility (SV)- it’s .30, is that a fair price (feels expensive)

A: We have bought back SV – we are looking at the fee ongoing to understand the impact.  They aren’t trying to make money, but are trying to make sure they have the right balance between the two.

Q: (Sue from tamebay)  eBay is languishing around 1999 technology – why no cart, why UPIs, why no immediate pay for multi-items, are you doing anything to fix this?! Why fiddle on fashion when these basic things are broken?

A: Generally we are addressing these items (mentioned ‘more like this’ ) and mobile as innovation points.  UPIs – they want to get better.  Cart – know it’s a problem, looking at it closely.

Q: Freeshipping – how does it relate to BestMatch (BM)?

A: We don’t talk in detail about the BM algorithm.  We do call out some things that help get you promoted.  Free shipping is really important in the UK and we encourage you to use it.  There is still a boost in eBay UK for free shipping.  There will be a session tomorrow with details on BM. eTRS and value are two key factors along with relevance.

Q: We currently list directly into DE/SP and UK – the fees are higher there and we are told conflicting information on if we can create a shop there and get lower rates.  What’s the real story?

A: Take it offline.


—This ends the Q+A session—-


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