Live Blogging from ChannelAdvisor Catalyst – eBay’s Keynote – Dinesh Lathi Part III of III

May 5, 2010

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This is part III – covering the Q+A part of the session.  Part II is here.

Dinesh then took Q+A:

Q: How long will it take for eBay to get to zero listing fees?

A: As we introduce more structured data, zero insertion fees will follow.

Q: What is eBay doing for buyers to help educate them? We feel like we are constantly doing this for you.

A: Our trust initiatives are the biggest things we can do here.  As buyers feel more confident over time, we should see these kinds of questions go way down.

Q: Can there be a tire configurator like the diamond configurator? 

A: Fitment is a solution for that in the auto parts category

Q: In April, auction listings were back up as a mix, which disrupted sellers, what’s up?

A: Auctions are a great format and auctions have become even more attractive with the fee changes.

Q: We see a lot of adoption from Amazon, but not as much from eBay – do you think that the cart on Amazon is helping them.  Will eBay have a cart.

A: eBay is working with ChannelAdvisor on a cart that users are asking for – they will partner folks to deliver in a way that’s great for buyers sellers.

Q: DSR question – We subsidize free shipping to help with DSRs so our costs have gone way up.  Is eBay looking to revise the shipping cost DSR?

A: We are trying to make this less subjective and more objective. (e.g. were you happy vs. “did you get it by day X”).

Q: Thanks for variation listings – when will they roll out beyond the limited categories they are in.  For example, we sell uniforms and would like to list with VSL.

A: We introduced some new categories last month, and we should get with you to give you ETAs for specific categories that maybe of interest to you.

Q: We’ve had a number of cases open against us and we never lost one.  The new open cases in eTRS is very concerning.

A: We’ve looked at data on open claims. (after 7 day waiting period).  The mere act of a buyer opening a claim is an indication of very low customer satisfaction scores.  That’s data we think is important to collect and get to sellers and make as part of our programs.  The question is how are we protecting sellers?  We have to protect the integrity of the system by monitoring buyers from frivolous claims and we will do that.

Q: In the past, eBay has announced they were getting rid of third party checkout.  What’s the status of that?

A: Any changes we make to cart or checkout will be communicated through ChannelAdvisor to you.

Q: We work hard and spend a ton of $ to get to eTRS – is there any thought to increasing the benefits of the program (discounted fees)?

A: We are always looking to be the most competitive option out there for your business and factor that into all of our pricing decisions.

SeekingAlpha Disclosure – I am long Google and Amazon. eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor.