Live Blogging from ChannelAdvisor Catalyst – eBay’s Keynote – Dinesh Lathi Part II of III

May 5, 2010

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This is part II, part I is here.

(continuing with the three topics that Dinesh is covering – Listening and Innovating)


They have made more seller visits in the last 3 months vs. the last 10 years.  eBay Onlocations are giving them a better ability to go listen to smaller sellers.  They have been doing regional meetings with larger sellers.

Velocity – He showed how they are highlighting some brands in the suggestion box (do a search on eBay for ‘Mickey Mouse’ and you will see as below:


Trust – Making sure sellers put the condition in the listing and work on the buyer surfacing of this information in unison.

Value and Selection –  Dinesh talked about the new item page and how they are working hard to get more of those – showed an iPod example.

Efficiency – Talked about several other initiatives around Excel automation and what-not.

Lots more to do though, still room to work on insertion fees, UPIs and Search.


On innovation, Dinesh hit on several points:

  • Fashion or CSA in eBay-speak – he talked about the release of this micro site and some of the changes coming to the category.  For example, the category will be much more visual going forward.

Question 3 – What’s the download volume of the eBay App for the iPhone – Answer – 8.7m

Question 4: How much GMV is eBay expecting through mobile in 2010 – Answer – $1.5b

Dinesh showed a demo of the iPad application – very good highlights of the app and headed into Q+A (next post)

SeekingAlpha Disclosure – I am long Google and Amazon. eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor