Live Blogging from 2013 Catalyst Americas: Scot Wingo Keynote (Part III)

April 29, 2013

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Speaker: Scot

Title: The State of E-Commerce

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Wave 3: Social

Facebook Collections–not a big leap to think you can buy something from Facebook.

Pinterest doing well–huge e-commerce opportunity.

Instagram and Snapchat big for the millennials

Twitter Ads as well.

Wave 4: Global and CBT

Skullcandy Video: Jason

Jason joins Scot on stage.

Company been selling online since 2003, in international space since 05-06.  Went in online w/ information sites to begin with..natural progression was marketplaces..loyal audiences made it an easy way to get in.  Now following up with specific sites and languages.

Chasing revenue goals–one obvious way was through marketplaces.  Big part of business…catching up with the marketplaces…EU, Canada, gradually moving into

Have been some big hurdles to overcome.   Biggest INTL challenge is payment systems, language,etc.

Expanded into Canada first, then UK and EU–following where the biggest audience is.  Getting more involved in AU, New Zealand…language challenges aren’t as big.  APAC is down the road..probably most challenging.

Social huge for them…balance between diving sales and experiencing the brands…content to support the Skullcandy brand…events they are involved with, athletes they sponsored.

Results of these Waves

Back in 2002 bulk of traffic was direct.  Life was easy.  Now, it’s increasingly complex.  That’s where ChannelAdvisor comes in.

ChannelAdvisor helps you Automate, optimise and Expand.  Our goal is to help you grow with these waves of innovation.  Connect to all those marketplaces, CSEs, Social and Paid Search with ChannelAdvisor.

Partner Ecosystem here to support you as well.

Sell a product as many places as possible to get the most growth.

Link Walls, VP of Product Management, comes on stage for a demo.

Connecting retailers to more channels of demand: TradeMe, Newegg, Groupon,, and many, many more.

Check out eBay’s Global Shipping Program…more details in this blog post:

Amazon Repricer-lots of changes to improve this popular tool.

Did you see our Spring Release?  Check it out here:

  • Google Shopping-launched support late last year, continued to enhance
  • Keywords are still huge part of any search marketers job…we’ve released a whole new suite of products–built on an actionable analytics platform to make it easy to take the information you need, and let you take action quickly.
    • Streamlines the routine for retail search marketers
    • Provides retail insights designed to improve ROI
    • Connects products and inventory levels to keywords and ads
  • Virtualized Inventory:  Sell anywhere, fulfill with Amazon; don’t miss sales or oversell as you expand channels.
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