Live Blogging from 2013 Catalyst Americas: Scot Wingo Keynote (Part II)

April 29, 2013

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Speaker: Scot

Title: The State of E-Commerce

Part 1:

Part 3:

Wave 1: Amazon

expanded to 46 fulfilment centres in the US.

That’s 89+13 coming this year=102 FCs

70m+ sq-ft of space!!

Forrester says 30% of consumers now start their search on Amazon.  In one year, Amazon went from 13-30%!  A huge jump, and a wake-up call for Google.

The end of Google Product Search created a visceral reaction for those who’d gotten used to all that free traffic.

Belk Video: Michael Coleman

Translate in store expereince to the digital marketplace.  2008 Belk started concerted push–really made an aggressive effort..make sup 3.5 % of sales, goal to take it to 10%.

Michael comes out on stage to talk
to Scot.

Michael:  A lot of traffic came in to organically when they first launched. Now new opportunities are outside the footprint through CSEs, where people can discover our great brands and great values.

At Belk they weren’t as invested in free traffic.  With Google Shopping, shifts competitive landscape to those who are strong in the space.  Belk shifted over in Q4 and now the paid channel is one of their highest returns.

Scot: We’re seeing that across the board.  Strong conversion rates…CPC are still pretty nominal.

Wave 2: Mobile and Local

ComScore…73% CAGR for mobile e-commerce over next 3 years.  eBay is going through a reniassance due to the switchover to mobile.

Consumers spend 108 minutes a month on eBay’s app!   (Source: U.S.
Arbitron Mobile Trends– Feb 13)

Top mobile app sites:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Groupon
  • Passbook
  • Craigslist

eBay Now app–tells within certain radius what products are available…curior delivers it.

Google Express–Scot shares his recent experience with Google’s new service.  See full details here:

To be continued….

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