Live blogging eBay talk at Internet Retailer – Stephanie Tilenius

June 17, 2009

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This am in Boston, Stephanie Tilenius, GM of eBay North America, gave a short keynote to over 4000 retailers.  I attended and captured the following notes in outline format.  Here’s the blurb:
eBay overview:
  • 3m items sold every day
  • Secondary market is $500b – eBay’s sweet spot
  • Talked about daily deal and how they tweet the deals
  • iPhone app has had 3m downloads
eBay is focused on three things:
  • Selection
    •  Making search easier  – she talked about BestMatch some
  • Value
    •  28% of listings on eBay come with free shipping
  • Trust
    • DSRs
    • 33% of sellers have 4.8+
    • Sellers with 4.8+ DSRs grew at 11% y/y – faster than ecommerce
This fall, eBay will roll out a program that further enhances trust. (didn’t say more, interesting teaser here.)
Now showing a TigerDirect video, Bruce Matthews, VP of BD –
  • eBay helps us sell more
  • Give us a dedicated rep
  • Growth in sales has been huge
  • Exposure to customers wouldn’t meet otherwise
  • Doing 7k orders on ebay – $500k
  • 99.4% positive rating
  • 12,000 items listed on eBay
  • Daily deal has been great for Tiger – driving lots of inventory
On eBay, you are seeing new merchants, a new buyer experience and a new eBay.
“We are building a better eBay every day.”
Want to partner with retailers to tap into the World’s largest marketplace.  As we help our retailers grow, we can transform ecommerce.  Ecommerce is only 5% of overall retail today and we think it should be 20% – let’s work together to do that.
We’re excited about moving up-market, thanks for your time.
SeekingAlpha Disclosure – I am long Google, Amazon.  eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor.