Live blogging eBay @ Catalyst 2011 – Part III/III – Q and A

April 6, 2011

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This is part III of a III part live blogging session:

  • Part I is here
  • Part II is here
  • Part III (you are here)


Todd took Q+A->


Q:  Why does eBay search have the filters on the left – other sites don’t do that.

A: I assume that we have some research that shows us that is the best way to do it.


Q: You said that Tire centre increased 18% and total automative was 10%

A: Do you know the actual number?  Todd referenced my keynote.


Q: Last year you talked about eBay signing up large brands – any news?

A: We’ve talked about different brands.  We have signed up a lot.


Q: When we look at other marketplaces, they don’t have insertion fees, but eBay does so we don’t put everything on there.  do you have plans to eliminate fees?

A: We have talked about lowering and we have.  We are always thinking about eliminating.  Right now we are at $.03 and yes that’s bigger than free.  They have lowered fees from as high as $4.80 to as low as $.03.  In EU we are testing and learning.


Q: With regards to sellers moving to free shipping -do you have any stats on the increase in selling from that at all?

A: As of now I have not heard of an increase in returns offering free shipping (?) (editorial – talked to a guy last night that said his sales went down because his products were more expensive).


Q: When the third party checkout goes away we won’t be able to offer free shipping to 48 states because you don’t allow us to separate HI/AK from the 48 – can you separate?

A: BB – I thought we did that, we’ll need to follow-up.  TL, I think we do that too.  ChannelAdvisor answers (BOOM) – there is an option to add a surcharge just for those places, but you can’t have totally separate shipping – so it’s partial.


Q: Have you ever thought of supporting Fedex?  Can you get us a discount?

A: We do support Fedex now. If you have different fedex rates, you can override ours.  Now we allow five offerings.


Q: Amazon is doing really well, what is holding eBay back?

A: We need to make eBay easier for buyers and sellers.  We’re doing that now – called out some of the things he covered.


Q: We’re  a medium seller and to do free shipping, we have to offer slower/cheaper shipping, but that hammers our DSRs.  What can we do?

A: This is a trend we’ve seen that is a tradeoff between free shipping and fast shipping.  I don’t have an answer for this, but test a lot of things.  Communicate fast shipping upgrades.


This concludes our live blogging of the event.

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