Live blogging eBay @ Catalyst 2011 – Part II/III

April 6, 2011

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This is part III of a III part live blogging session:

  • Part I is here
  • Part II is (you are here)
  • Part III is here


Todd continued on the theme of merchandising.

He talked about the refurb B+N Nook daily deal – they sold 10,960 in one day.

User experience improvements

eBay has a focus on three categories that have a unique buying experience:

  1. Fashion
  2. Technology
  3. Autos/Motors

Fashion – Todd talked about some of the large brands (Mostly CA customers!) coming on eBay.  He also talked about the unique buyer experience.  Buyers can come and create a profile.  For example, someone may wear different clothes at work vs. going out on the weekend.  The eBay search will automagically take that into consideration. They are also making search very visual.  He showed an example of the handbag finder thingy – you can see it here.

Motors – Here we tried something very different called fitment.  This helps buyers locate parts that actually fit their cars – as if your car is a profile.  Todd showed the tire centre which you can see here.  (editorial note – ChannelAdvisor is a leader in the fitment category and we have most of the top parts folks here today.  We believe we represent > 10% of the eBay parts business).

Technology – He showed the new buyer experience which is coming to tons of categories this summer.  Todd highlighted that the new buyer experience features auctions.  “I get a lot of people that feel eBay prefers one format over the other.”  That couldn’t be further from the truth – we love both formats, they play an important role, etc.

Consumer selling

Another innovation in the electronics category is consumer selling and eBay Instant Sale – this allows the consumer to trade in old electronics.  The consumer seller needs ease of use.  Keep it simple.  Tell me what I’m going to get for my item before I sell it.  They partnered with an eBay seller (much to the dismay of many other used electronic sellers) and this helps consumers sell their items.  He showed a screen shot.  Todd also showed that eBay has decreased consumer seller fees 100% on eBay.

The average buyer that also sells is much more engaged- showed a chart without labels (classic eBay) – looks like maybe 30% more activity from consumer sellers.

Business seller pricing updates

Now Todd went through the pricing changes announced in March in detail.  Here is our take and simplification.

Three goals:

  • Re-align shipping incentrives
  • Lower rates across all formats and categories
  • Continue focus on customer service

(Editorial – I’ve talked to lots of customers that are in the ‘heavy stuff’ and ‘auction traditionalist’ bucket and this is a massive fee increase for many –  I suspect we’ll have a lively Q+A on this topic 🙂 )

Free shipping

They’ve increased free shipping from 5% to 33% – they want to see a lot more free shipping and hope to see the new pricing drive this.

New platform changes

eBay has 17 apps out in mobile.  By 2015, consumers will spend $119b on mobile devices.  44% of adults have used a bar-code scanning app to learn more about products.

  • 9m redlaser downloads
  • 35m total downloads for eBay apps
  • 17m for core eBay
  • An item is purchased every second
  • 3-4 Ferraris are purchased every month



eBay is playing offense – we are in this to win.  We win, when sellers win.

This concludes part II/III -up next, Q+A!


SeekingAlpha disclosure – I am long Google and Amazon, eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor where I am CEO.