Live blogging eBay @ Catalyst 2011 – Part I/III

April 6, 2011

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This is part III of a III part live blogging session:

  • Part I is (you are here)
  • Part II is here
  • Part III is here

We’re getting started and Todd is taking the stage.

This is Todd’s ninth year at attending Catalyst – Todd’s favourite seller conference because of the passion and the amount of feedback.

We’re going to go through the changes.

Every change at eBay always has the cusotmer at the centre – make the buying experience better and the selling experience.  You may not agree with every change, the reason why we make changes is to improve the marketplace for our group of customers.

All decisions are driven by:

  • What are we going to do for buyers?
  • What are we doing for sellers?


Consumer behaviour

Buying online has changed.  Consumers are using PCs, mobile devices, tablets.  They have a store in their pocket.  They are doing tons of things that are making e-commerce an extremely exciting space right now.  Sellers of all sizes need help dealing with this ‘new consumers’ who is walking around with a retail store in their pocket.

Seller landscape

There are three types of sellers in the eBay ecosystem:

  • Individuals and sole props – bring really interesting inventory
  • Small and mid-size business – bring the bulk of what’s on eBay today
  • Large – bring massive amounts of selection

All sellers have to deal with these issues.  eBay and Paypal are uniquely positioned to take advantage.

eBay is investing in:

  • Search
  • Merchandising and user experience.


Todd showed an old eBay search and talked about the improvements – getting rid of the banner and featuredfirst noise in the search. He then went through the new buyer experience (catalogueueue based).  He gave a detailed tour. This came out in Sept 2010 and we covered it here.

eBay also increased selection – when they moved store items over to core, they went from 35m items to 100m items, literally overnight.  It dipped in Q4, due to the duplicate listing policy (DLP in eBay speak).  Buyers had a hard time finding the selection and value due to dupes so eBay’s DLP solved that.  The DLP helped accelerate from 4% to 8% and eTRS sellers grew 13%

Merchandising and user experience

Todd started at the homepage and showed a vintage 2008 homepage compared to today.  Today’s homepage really POPS – lots of product and inspiration for the buying community.    Daily deals are featured.  Reminding people of the items they are ‘watching’ and their ‘last viewed’ items.  The clickthrough rate on this is very high.  He then showed the homepage from the hoilday perspective. He compared a vintage 2008 homepage to 2010.  Lots of cool stuff like a little gingerbread man, free shipping, etc.

He highlighted the March Madness promotion they did recently around the NCAA championship.

This is the end of part I, part II is coming up


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