Leading Specialty Retailer Moves to ChannelAdvisor to Manage Amazon Advertising: Sees 2,500% Revenue Increase

January 24, 2020

ChannelAdvisor By tamaragibbs


With a sophisticated digital marketing strategy powered by ChannelAdvisor, a leading specialty retailer that manufactures and sells its custom-designed products globally is gaining a competitive edge. Known as a major player in the industrial sector, this specialty retailer aims to become a household name synonymous with quality. Among its primary goals in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape: strengthening its online presence and converting customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

The Challenge

This ChannelAdvisor client needed to consistently move consumers from inspiration to purchase across marketplaces, including Amazon — a daunting task considering its products have more than 100,000 different applications. With an expansive portfolio of products, the retailer’s customers run the gamut from the industrial sector to office park businesses.

To continue targeting its key audience that consists of novice consumers with limited knowledge of its product and do-it-yourself weekend warriors tackling home projects, the company focused on keywords and images — critical components to winning the Buy Box. This specialty retailer knew an effective digital marketing strategy meant getting the right products and promotions in front of the right customers at the right time.

The Solution

Recognizing that managing a plethora of product listings and advertising campaigns designed to engage and influence consumers’ buying decisions could potentially overwhelm its staff and quickly deplete its resources, the company looked for help.

As a retailer trying to build its brand, the company wanted to market its products on multiple platforms without having to enter data across several channels manually. Before partnering with ChannelAdvisor, the manufacturer was advertising on Amazon. After transitioning some of its product listings, it saw a dip in performance. The company quickly recognized it needed a robust e-commerce platform to lighten the lift for its overwhelmed staff and support fine-tuning its campaigns. After a seamless launch powered by ChannelAdvisor, the company immediately experienced significant savings of valuable time and resources, enabling it to focus on other critical areas that could help grow its business such as building brand awareness.

The Results

For this specialty retailer, revenue is the metric for success. Initially, when the company came to ChannelAdvisor, it was seeking aggressive revenue growth on both Seller Central and AMS/1P.

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Relying on ChannelAdvisor’s digital marketing team helped create time and resource efficiencies

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Digital marketing support drove sales through customized keywords and images

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The ability to closely monitor and improve campaigns from a single interface kept seller more in tune with business health and growth

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ChannelAdvisor’s platform helped seller evolve efficiency with the market

With ChannelAdvisor’s support, this specialty retailer grew its third-party advertising revenue by 916% in the first month. The manufacturer went on to experience an increase of 2,500% in revenue over a four-month period. Moreover, in the early stages of its collaboration with ChannelAdvisor, the company experienced an increase in branded searches, a sign its customized campaigns were in sync with its goal to build its brand.

With a well-managed Amazon Advertising strategy tailored for today’s consumer, this specialty retailer is poised to become the go-to choice for its product line and beyond.

After decades in business and an online strategy supported by ChannelAdvisor, the company is electing to evolve and quickly adapt to the competitive e-commerce space.

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