Is CheckoutByAmazon (CBA) getting more momentum? 2 IR100 retailers soft launched this week.

October 29, 2009

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Earlier today in the coverage about Amazon’s new PayPhrase system, I noted that J&R had added CBA.  I received a tip just now that seems to have soft-launched CBA as well.

Back in April, I noted that it looked like CBA was making some progress with SMBs, but not larger retailers. and J&R are significant because they are definitely larger internet retailer wins.

In fact, according to Internet Retailer magazine: (2008 results)

  • – #33 retailer with $660m in sales
  • J&R – #103 with $151m in sales

These are their largest wins to date and I’m starting to feel that I was wrong that CBA wouldn’t get a lot of traction with top retailers due to competitive concerns.  The jury is still out, but this is definitely an material development.

I think what’s most interesting is the implementation – it speaks volumes about what Buy was thinking.

The CBA implementation

First on every item page, CBA has ‘parity’ with the add-to-cart button – that’s premium placement – you don’t see any other options here (PayPal/Google/etc.)


If you click ‘add to cart’, you are presented with this cart summary where again CBA has premium placement (PayPal with three flavors are the other options), but also noticed that it looks like and Google checkout have parted ways.   I did find it in one payment flow, but it was hard to get to (required a cart edit/add) and could be more of  a bug than a feature.

Buy_2 and Amazon relations thawing out?

Not only is the placement interesting because it’s a) above PayPal and b) bumped Google all together, but also it seems things maybe thawing between Buy and Amazon.  Buy used to be one of Amazon’s largest 3P merchants and then left as the two started to compete more head on.

Buy’s partnership with CBA is an interesting development and could signal things are getting better between the two companies.

In fact I did some searches for top items on Amazon and it does look like they are back selling on Amazon:

  • There is a store setup here.
  • You can see they are listed for products like this video game:



You can tell a couple of interesting things from this listing:

  • is listed as a normal, not featured merchant
  • They are marked as ‘just launched’ (no feedback to-date) so they must have just done this

The timing with CBA is interesting – you start to wonder if there was some combined deal at play there.


eBay, Buy, Amazon – a tangled web we weave

The connections and web between, eBay and Amazon is now very interesting and in several areas:

  • Payments – Buy accepts both PayPal and CBA
  • 3P seller – Buy sells on eBay and Amazon (new!). is eBay’s largest seller.
  • Marketplace Competition – operates a rapidly growing 3P of it’s own
  • Internet Retail competitors – Amazon and are direct competitors as they overlap a great deal in BMV and electronics


Amazon CBA just added two wins in the payment battles and things seem to be thawing between and Amazon.  Google checkout is on the outs.  Do you have a theory?  Are eBay and Amazon going to look at acquiring Sound off in comments.

SeekingAlpha Disclosure – I am long Amazon and Google.  eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor. is a ChannelAdvisor partner (our software supports their 3P marketplace)