Holiday sales update – Black Friday results – Cyber-Five day 2

November 27, 2010

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It used to be that CyberMonday was the beginning of the online holiday sales period.  However we’ve noticed at ChannelAdvisor, that consumers have moved that up (with some help from online retailer’s promotions) all the way up to Thanksgiving.  Thus, you have a five-day period (Thanksgiving-CyberMonday) that is the foundation for the e-commerce holiday selling period.  We’ve decided to call that vie day period the Cyber-Five.

The chart below is what we’ll be updating through the Cyber-Five and we’ve populated it with the results from Black Friday (11/26/10). (Click to enlarge).  All numbers are Same Store Sales (SSS).


There’s a lot of data to absorb and here are our highlights:

  • With holiday predictions in the 9% (Comscore) to 16% (Forrester), so far the holiday shopping period is significantly exceeding expectations.  We won’t be able to ‘call it’ until we get much later in December because it could be that things are just much more front-loaded this year.  But with days that show 37% and 28% growth over last year, we are clearly off to a strong start.
  • eBay’s showing some good signs of life, popping up to 16% y/y growth compared to their normal 5% we saw in October.
  • Amazon has been interesting – Thanksgiving was a little slow %-wise, but when we look at the data, they enjoyed a big Tgiving last year so there was a hard comp.  On BlackFriday they really crushed it with a > 80% showing.
  • Search enjoyed a huge Thanksgiving strong BlackFriday.  Search is early in the decision funnel, so it will be interesting to see if this holds, or if it moves to CSE later (deeper in the funnel).
  • CSE had a respectable showing at ~20% y/y growth.

We’ll update you on Today’s results tomorrow evening.

SeekingAlpha Disclosure – I am long Google and Amazon. eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor.