Holiday 2013 Same Store Sales – Thanksgiving final report – Day 1 of the Cyber-5

November 29, 2013

ChannelAdvisor Scot Wingo By Scot Wingo

Note: This is a regular feature published by ChannelAdvisor highlighting the Same Store Sales (SSS) across our wide range of thousands of retailers and billions in GMV.  Details on the SSS including background, methodology, disclaimers and schedule can be found in this post.  Our detailed Holiday 2013 schedule can be found here.


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is ready to hit the Black Friday sales (online) today!  Today we have several sets of data.  First, let’s look at how Thanksgiving 2013 (Nov 28) compared ot Thanksgiving 2012 (Nov 22).

Note: Each year we track the five days from Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday and call that the Cyber Five.  For the next five days we will be filling in this table:



The same trends we reported on yesterday at Thanksgiving ‘half time’ held through the day with each channel coming in with well over 25% y/y growth.  Given that we have six fewer shopping days this year that equates to 20% less days in the holiday, so it is encouraging to see such a spike on Thanksgiving.

What’s also interesting is that mobile (phone+tablet) data was around 40% of traffic on Thanksgiving.  This shows that while folks were out or on the couch (tablet) they were doing their online shopping.  In mobile conversion rates, there is a nice increase for Computer and Tablet, but the phone conversion rate at 1.3% is still low.  It’s not clear if consumers are using phones for pure research or if they are not converting because the phone-oriented sites are not as easy to use as computer (e.g. harder to type on phones, etc.).

Now let’s look at some broader November trends to see how they compare to Thanksgiving.

Non-date-shifted November update

We have updated the table below to show the non-date-shifted November trends including MTD:


A glance at this and you might be very concerned about Holiday 2013 – this shows the impact of the Thanksgiving 6 day shift this year on traditional non-date-shifted data.  Last year’s data includes Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday plus an additional day and this year’s data only includes Thanksgiving.  So in a pure Nov 1-28 y/y comparison, we are missing essentially five of the biggest days.  It’s actually a bit of a positive that Amazon, eBay, Search and GS are positive at all.

Date-shifted November update

A better view of the trends is to look at the date shifted weeks of November working backwards from Thanksgiving as we have been doing and is now complete here with the three weeks before Thanksgiving of November:


Here, for example if you look at the Amazon data, you can see a more traditional ramp into Thanksgiving that we have historically seen.

Conclusion and next post

The conclusion from this data is that we are off to a strong start to Holiday 2013, but we only have one out of ~24 days in the records so we need to see what happens through the Cyber Five.  We anticipated a surge in mobile shopping this year and ~40% is a new high water mark.   Also, a big action item from the data that we see is a need to improve conversions for the phone device. (40% of traffic is mobile, but only 25% of orders).

Our next post will be Tomorrow  (Nov 30th) where we’ll update you on Black Friday.  We will be daily from here through the day after Cyber Monday.

This blog post was written by Scot Wingo, ChannelAdvisor CEO.