Holiday 2013 ChannelAdvisor SSS – Late December Update

December 24, 2013

ChannelAdvisor Scot Wingo By Scot Wingo

Note: This is a regular feature published by ChannelAdvisor highlighting the Same Store Sales (SSS) across our wide range of thousands of retailers and billions in GMV.  Details on the SSS including background, methodology, disclaimers and schedule can be found in this post.  Our detailed Holiday 2013 schedule can be found here.

First I wanted to wish all blog readers, ChannelAdvisor customers, partners and employees a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!  2013 has been a truly exceptional year for ChannelAdvisor and we owe it all to you! I hope everyone has a great time with friends and family and enjoys delay-free travels wherever the Holiday takes you.

Sadly, this is our last SSS report of 2013 and for the Holiday.  We’ll be back in January with a December wrap-up as well with our take on how Holiday 2013 played out.

Holiday 2013 Mid December update

Today we are releasing new SSS data through the first three weeks of December.  Because of the unusual holiday this year, we have been ‘date shifting’ the days in our comparison to make sure we are aligning the key days of the Holiday.  In today’s data, we have provided the results from the Cyber Five (Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday) in the first column for comparison and the first-week shifted (12/8) in the second column, the second week (12/15) in the third column and the new data (third week of December) is in the right column labeled 12/22.


As you can see the momentum slowed a bit in the third week.  Looking at the data, this is essentially due to the date-shifting – we are now essentially including in the 2012 data only through mid-Dec and in the 2013 data we extend through 12/22. A couple of reasons this slows down the growth:

  • In 2012, we had a lull from 12/16-12/20 – that is not captured here, so we are comparing a lull period in 13 vs. a spike period in 12 due to the shift.
  • In 2013, Holiday shopping started much earlier than in 2012, so by aligning Thanksgivings we essentially miss some pretty active days
  • eBay was particularly slow in third week period relative to the second week period.  Not many sellers offer 2-day shipping at reasonable rates, so we typically see see eBay sales taper off in the December 17-19 period.  This year Amazon and other retailers (captured in CSE, GS and Search) did not seem to have those concerns as many of them made clear and affordable expedited shipping past those dates.

That being said, if we think of e-commerce as growing at 15%, it does look like holiday 2013 outpaced that when you look at the whole quarter.

Non-date-shifted third week

To illustrate the effects we are seeing here where the date-shifting is creating a bit of a headwind, here is third week of December without date-shifting. We have also included device data trends.


In this data, 2013 is now compared to 9 days before Christmas to 3 days before Christmas – effectively aligning to  Christmas vs. Thanksgiving which is an easier comp now that we are at the end of the holiday.  Here you can see that eBay performs much better to the same period last year as does Amazon.

What is most interesting is the device data.  We are holding at ~40% for mobile device traffic (tablets and smartphones) through the holiday.  40% has effectively become the new normal whereas last year 30% was the mobile device baseline with spikes up to 40%.  At this pace, we could be up to 50% mobile by Holiday 2014!!

Up next…

In early January we will post the 2014 SSS schedule including December y/y results.

This blog post was written by Scot Wingo, ChannelAdvisor CEO.