Holiday 2011 Update- Day 5 of the CyberFive – CyberSunday showed continued acceleration into CyberMonday

November 28, 2011

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This is our sixty update in our Holiday 2011 series. For details on the coverage plan and the seven themes we’ll be looking at, be sure to read this post first.

Happy CyberMonday everyone!!!  Today we’ll have some updates as soon as we have a good set of data to report on CyberMonday trends.  While we wait, here’s how CyberSunday came in.


CyberSunday results

Here are the ChannelAdvisor SSS results for Sunday 11/27/2011:

  • Overall e-commerce grew a healthy 27.1% accelerating nicely from Thanksgiving through the weekend
  • Amazon climbed to 58.7%
  • Search accelerated to 33.8%
  • eBay came in at 15%
  • CSE had a great showing at 14.3%, their highest levels of the year.

Here is the CyberFive Tracker updated to reflect day 4:


We’re getting a lot of questions around some of the SSS Holiday 2011 data that we’ll address below.


Holiday 2010 vs. 2011 – Thanksgiving through CyberSunday

One interesting trend this year vs. last is that last year we saw a dip in SSS over the weekend before CyberMonday.  However this year, we’re seeing much more of a steady ramp.  This chart really shows that trend:


Holiday 2010 vs. 2011 – Amazon Thanksgiving through CyberSunday

We’re getting the most questions about Amazon, so here’s the same chart above, but for Amazon only:


The bulk of questions are of the genre:

  • Amazon seems slow this year – why?
  • Should we be concerned that Amazon isn’t growing at 80%?

First, I think it’s way to early to call the holiday.   Second, one thing that we are seeing at the buy-box level is that this year, Amazon seems to be deeper in stock and more aggressive than 3P’s on pricing.  Also, Amazon does face a tough comp from last year’s 80% BlackFriday.

Keep in mind that our data for Amazon:

  • 3P only, we don’t track Amazon’s first-party sales or traffic
  • We are heavy on EGM and light on Media

We shouldn’t have any software changes impacting the data as everything is essentially baked in.

Finally, as the chart shows, Amazon’s 2011 (red line) is on a nice acceleration path and we’ll have to see how they do today (CyberMonday) vs. last year’s 98% surge.

Holiday 2010 vs. 2011 – eBay Thanksgiving through CyberSunday


Here you can also see that eBay is also enjoying a more robust pre-CyberMonday weekend than they did in 2010 and Thanksgiving was in line with last year.

One trend we do see every year with eBay is that it tends to be a back-end loaded e-commerce channel.  As offline and online stores sell out of top sellers, eBay benefits.  For example, right now eBay is your best place to get the white-hot, but low supply Leap Frog Leap Pad Explorer.  This item normally retails for $99 and eBay sellers are seeing it go for $220-250.  As other hot items sell-out, you’ll see eBay’s SSS really surge.

Up next…

We’ll  have some early-read CyberMonday data coming out shortly.

SeekingAlpha disclosure – I am long Google and Amazon.  eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor where I am CEO.